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I’m all about trying new things, re-inventing old things and spending as little money as possible in the process.  I’m not an expert, I just like to get creative and see what happens … good, bad or ugly.  But, we’re saving this project gallery page just for the mostly good.  :)

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9 Responses to project gallery

  1. marilyn says:

    Love your ideas…..I’m now your newest follower! :)

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  3. Elaine Atkinson says:

    I LOVE the dog canvases! I am a pet sitter and these would make awesome gifts for my clients at Christmas! What a very cool idea!! Wish I lived on a tropical island….so peaceful indeed.

  4. Orla says:

    Love all your creative, crafty work. So inspiring! Orla

  5. Karah, you have so many awesome and creative projects! I love seeing them all in one place.

  6. Brenda says:

    like the others, i really enjoy your blog and all the help. I revsited today hoping to find the printed tag on snack packs with rolled up “dough” treats (Paper money) I like the idea and thought i had marked it for easy to find. My hallenge is the little rhyme on the tag for it.

    • Karah says:

      Hi Brenda, I’m not sure exactly what tags you’re referring to … I wish I could help.

      • Brenda says:

        they were tags to attach to zip top snack paks with rolled up paper bills . the tag had a statement that sort of rhymed with the explanation about why they were receiving a mini bag of “dough”. I am not a poet so was going to use what ii thought was your tip.the gifts are still on my table awaiting a brainstorm or something. (Hopefully not Christmas 2013)

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