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My name is Karah, and I am a small town girl who has just purchased our 5th house.  She is a 1950s Key West conch home in need of a lot of TLC (and updating and renovating and overhauling). We work hard to make the most of our every space. That little space between what has been and what will be. I’ve got my husband and pups along for the journey as I DIY my way through this wonderful life.  In the space between the mishaps and bad ideas, we’re creating a few gems to love.

I am interested in working with brands, blogs and etsy shops I know our readers will love to help you increase sales, brand exposure and promote specific products or services of your choice.

Brands I have thoroughly enjoyed working with already include, but are not limited to:

And I’m thrilled to say that we have been featured on, in International Living’s Incomes Abroad magazine, on (here and here) and written an article for International

We even won an Outdoor Decor Challenge hosted by Better Homes and Gardens!

Better Homes and Gardens Outdoor Decor Winner

The readers of the space between are a phenomenal bunch.  They are interactive, intelligent, supportive and loyal.  Our readers have proven they love to learn about unique craft projects, innovative home décor and improvement ideas and thoughtful ways to interact with the world.  The average reader is female between the ages of 36-54, with a steadily growing male following.

Here are the numbers broken down, the space between blog receives over 170,000 page views per month (as of September 2014) and has a regular reach of over 30,000:

  • 2,250+ Subscribers
  • 7,900+ via Google +
  • 9,580+ via Pinterest
  • 5,900+ via Facebook
  • 3,490+ via Twitter
  • 1,160+ via Instagram

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Advertising Options Available:

Advertisers will be chosen based on the brand, product and service being the right fit for the readers of the space between. Of course.  :)

  • product or service reviews
  • brand ambassadorships
  • giveaways 
  • sponsored posts
  • conference sponsorships
  • eBook sponsorships.

Please contact me at for pricing and additional information.