Day #8 – avoid one of the most annoying things that can happen during DIY

This tip is so simple it’s crazy.

It’s something my dad showed me a number of years ago and has saved me many a moment of frustration.

Because yes, I am that person who drags power tools all around and gets them caught around table legs and ladders and pretty much anything available.

And I’m a yanker.  Why go back and gracefully pull my power cord and extension cord along when I can just yank it about?  No reason, really.

Until, of course, I’m one step from the top of the ladder and that one last yank pulls my power cord out from the extension cord. #goshdarnit

But, no more trips back down the ladder to plug anything back in for me.  Nosirreebob.

Thanks to my dad I’ve been tying a knot when I plug in my tools into an extension cord for years and now my yanking just pulls the knot tighter.  :)

tie knot in cords to prevent them from unplugging

And apparently Marley found this tip fascinating, too.

tie knot in cords to prevent them from unplugging

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8 Responses to Day #8 – avoid one of the most annoying things that can happen during DIY

  1. Your dad is a smart man. I too am a yanker, and it drives me nutty when I unplug stuff!

  2. Paula says:

    I have seen my husband do this and never even asked him why. What an amazing tip!

  3. Genius. I’m pinning this!

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  5. Victor Goonetilleke says:

    Very nice simple tip..took me all these years to find it. Thank ou.

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