Well hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am Karah and right now I am probably a hot mess doing some sort of DIY project in our 1950′s Key West conch style home. Along with my husband, Joel (the unintended DIYer in the family), I am on a journey to make the most of our every space. Over the past 15 years we have been lucky enough to live in 7 different US towns throughout 4 different states plus one Caribbean island, Curaçao.  I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that equals a lot of new spaces to try to make feel like home.

My passion for DIY started at a young age when my brother and I would try to make anything from a desk to a boat.  The boat may have turned out to be a soggy experience, but somehow it stuck with me that making or doing something ourselves was fun and thrifty.

Fast forward to 2001 when Joel and I bought our first house in Indianapolis, IN, the only way we could afford to live in a the neighborhood we wanted was to buy a fixer upper. With more than our fair share of help from my dad we tackled DIY projects large (three tier deck around two trees with a built-in seating area and fire pit) and small (updating all of the outlets and switches).  And learned that with a little research and practice we really could do almost anything that we could over pay a professional to do.

05 AudubonIndianapolis was also where our beloved pups joined the family.  Marley, the blonde, is 12 (yes, she is older than the book :) ) and her sister, Mico, is 11.  They literally are sisters from another Mister, and tend to find their way into the most perfectly arranged photos, proving they are never far away as we venture to create a haven for us all.

Redefining our space is something that is always on my mind, heck with so many moves under our belt it’s a constant battle between relishing in the new-to-us space and making it feel like our home.  I’m lucky that Joel has let me drag him into this DIY adventure, date night in the crawl space installing new duct work, anyone?

Yes, that actually happened.  And we lived to tell about it, and even do it with a sly smile. The couple who DIYs together stays together perhaps?

Our latest project is teaching us that there is always something new to learn in the realm of DIY.  Our 1950′s Key West conch style home needs a facelift on every single surface inside and out.


Many projects we’ve never tackled before and some we don’t ever want to tackle again.  :) But I try hard to not be someone who gets stuck in the past or is waiting for the future. And that leaves me with the space between.


Join us on this DIY journey to make it the best space we can with as little cash as possible. Heck, grab a paint brush, these projects are always more fun with friends. You can find out where we are with our with the progress here.

Or, you might want to check out the very first blog post here and see how this whole adventure started.

And let’s stay connected … it’s much more fun with you around.  :)

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  6. Elena says:

    Wow! Curaçao looks a-ma-zing! I’m enjoying going through your posts and reading about your projects. I’m shocked your blog is so new. You seem like a total pro. I’ll definitely be taking notes ;) –Elena http://acasarella.blogspot.com/

  7. Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D says:

    “Date night in the crawl space installing new duct work anyone? Oh, the memories!”
    Karah, you crack me up!

  8. Bliss says:

    When is the bloggers convention coming to the Caribbean? Then I am IN!!!


  9. joy2journey says:

    I love the look of your blog … and the space you are writing from :) Always look forward to your posts …

  10. Susan says:

    Wow. How did you get to end up in such a wonderful place? I knew my hubby should have done his post-grad work in San Diego after all ;D

  11. Hey girl! I am an expat living in Roatan. Love finding you through remodelaholic and realizing there are other bloggers like me in the Caribbean. xoxo

    • Karah says:

      Holy Cow, that is so cool!! I have never been to Roatan but here it is beautiful!! Heading your way now to check out another Caribbean blog. :)

  12. Lisa Gaines says:

    I LOVE your site! Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see more.

  13. Hi, I love your site and you ideas about life and living. My brother lives in Curacao. In Willimstead. My husband and I have been many times. We live in Florida. I’m new to Pintrest. Our son has a landscape company. I get lots of pallets. I’m making a potting table now. I went to the junk yard and bought the front of a car. We are in the process of making a waterfall come out the grill of the car, into our koi pond. I’ll put pictures on Pintrest when its done. Look for me on Pintrest under Mh Zopfi.

    • Karah says:

      Oh my gosh that car front fountain idea is awesome!!! Thank you so much for visiting, feel free to send me the link to your Pinterest user name and I’m happy to follow!

  14. Wayne Morris says:

    Curacao House.JPG

    I wonder if you might recognise this house and where on Curacao it might be located?

    The attached is a painting by Machiel Hagedoorn completed between c.1945 and 1955.

    Can any of you, or your friends, help point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks!

    Wayne Morris.
    ps did the photo actually appear?

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