upcycling idea {christmas tree craft} christmas in a minute

I’m pretty sure Joel thinks I’m a wing nut.

I mean, all of our windows in our living and dining room need trim.  I need to repair the wood slats above the door so I can finish up the baseboards.  And I haven’t even bothered to install a doorknob on our new French door yet.

But when this came in the mail I was barreled over with a super easy Christmas craft idea.

christmas tree craft with driftwood and ornaments

And then some of my favorite blog friends came up with the idea to share simple Christmas ideas we can all do.  Christmas in a minute.  And I just could not stop myself from taking action on it.

Please tell me that has happened to you, too.

And, seriously, it’s on the cover of Real Simple magazine for crying out loud.  That means it’s going to be real simple for sure.

Like not-holding-up-any-home-renovation-projects-at-all simple.  :)

And I can upcycle old ornaments and driftwood, I love upcycling ideas.

The most time-consuming part was probably my adventure at Goodwill picking up some extra ornaments.  It was 50% off clothing day and everyone and their mother was shopping.  Lucky for me, getting 10 ornaments for $0.40 is my idea of a good time … and then I picked up a few others from the dollar store.

christmas tree craft with driftwood and ornaments

I actually used the same driftwood backing I used when I made my driftwood fish.  And in hindsight wish it was a more solid color background just so the craft itself could really pop off it.

But I’m not going to complain, you know I’ve got a thing for driftwood and the chippy, rustic look of it probably suits me more than a crisp backing would.

ornament and driftwood Christmas tree craft

And this little Christmas tree craft really couldn’t be any simpler.

Pick your backing.

Pick out your ornaments.  I added in a few LED flameless tea lights which will be fun when we have company at night.  And I absolutely could not help myself from adding in a few driftwood tree limbs.

Physically impossible to stop myself.  ;)

ornament and driftwood Christmas tree craft

I used the magazine cover as a guide because I apparently do not know the shape of a tree and actually had a whole tree laid out in ornaments before I decided I needed more driftwood.

ornament and driftwood Christmas tree craft

I ended up using the fish tail as the tree trunk and the fish head as the tree top. Multitasking driftwood.  :)

Have I mentioned the lights are my favorite part?

 ornament and driftwood Christmas tree craft

I attached all of the ornaments with hot glue so you won’t want to use any of your breakable heirloom ones, but the tea lights I just stuck on with tacky tack or poster tack or whatever that orange stuff is called so I can pull them off to turn the lights on and off.

I made sure to turn them off before Joel got home from work … thought that might be a little too festive for him.  :)

driftwood and ornament christmas tree craft

Now, if you’re looking for more ways to create a festive Christmas in a minute, check out my ideas from previous years including an easy reindeer silhouette, little seaglass and driftwood tree and 11 DIY ornaments.

And check out what my friends have come up with, links to their beautiful projects are below.  I mean, who doesn’t want an awesome holiday without the hassle of time-consuming projects?

Christmas in a minute

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41 Responses to upcycling idea {christmas tree craft} christmas in a minute

  1. cassie says:

    so fun! love the rustic wood mixed with pretty shiny ornaments!

  2. So pretty! And, yes, I typically craft or decorate even when there are more important things that need to be done! Life to the full! Melissa

  3. I’ve been wanting to make an ornament tree! Of course, I don’t have an unlimited supply of driftwood at my disposal so I may have to take a quick trip down to the keys … Santa can bring me on his sleigh!

    Love it – and the lights are perfect touch. Glad you didn’t throw Joel over the edge … baby steps.

  4. Please tell Joel that ornament trees TOTALLY trump doors and windows. If that doesn’t work, hand him a beer. ;-) Love it, Karah. It’s definitely a casual, beachy style which I LOVE.

  5. Roeshel says:

    It’s so cool – I looooove it, Karah!

  6. Oh, I love this! It’s just so pretty.

  7. I love the lights! It’s fun how they make all kinds of tea lights these days. Very creative and very “you” project!

  8. i love this!! i am going to dig through my barnwood pile this weekend :)

  9. That’s so cool Karah! It looks good!

  10. JaneEllen says:

    I had no doubt anything you might make would involve drift wood, you have the corner on making things look great with drift wood. As always you made it look so pretty and festive. Great tree. I’ll have to see if I can find some boards to put together to make a tree of some kind. No drift wood handy around here but I’ll find something. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Joel.

  11. Gwen says:

    You little innovator… Yes, I think it did need a little more driftwood. Love it, girlie!

  12. What a great creation Karah. Definitely a favorite! xo Jenna

  13. Oh, I love your tree, awesome!
    I need one for myself :)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  14. Thistle says:


    LOVE this! I saw it in e-mail….and ran over! Such an awesome idea! Totally pinning!

    Thanks so much for inspiring me today!

  15. Judy H. says:

    I LOVE this!! How creative! Wish I had your vision… I rec’d my copy of Real Simple in the mail, looked at the cover and never would have or could have imagined this; and I really liked the cover! This is so much ,ore fun.

  16. I was inspired by the Real Simple Magazine cover as well…although you beat me to it!! Yours looks lovely…I won’t be doing mine until this weekend after I lug out all the Christmas boxes…thanks for some more great inspiration!

  17. Just plain adorable. I’ve some old cupboard doors from my mom’s house and this would be great inspiration to create something for my siblings.

  18. Oh wow I love this!! Now I want to make one!! Found you on funky junk! I submitted #39 Mason Jar Lid Snowmen!! If ya want come check em out!! And have you shared this on DIY Sunday Showcase?? I cohost, and it’s open now!! Please come share this!! Hope to see ya there!!

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  20. This really caught my eye! I love quirky, whimsical things and this is so both to infinity and back! can you tell I dig it?

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