word of the year {2012}

Did you all see that Layla, who blogs over at The Lettered Cottage, posted her idea to come up with a word of the year?  Her word is UP, click here to read all about it.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was my thing.  One word.  Just one.  For the whole year?

I mean, it took Joel and I 10 years of living together before we got married.  And I’m supposed to pick one word for the entire year, just lickity split?

But, then I got to thinkin’, and you know what happens when I get to thinkin’.  I get a headache I get ideas.

And, as hopefully you all know by now, my friend Kari from Thistlewood Farm had the idea for the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, and, along with these other fab gals, I introduced this challenge last Monday.

Click on the underlined text above to skip over to their blogs and learn more.  We are all posting project updates at some point today, be sure to keep an eye on their progress!

Can you imagine it?  Imagine those impossibilities?  Imagine what they are, imagine ways to conquer them, imagine how to Take.  Them.  Down!  In a friendly “I just took you down” or “I just hung you up” or “I just cleaned you out” sorta way.  :)

Then, keep imagining.  Imagine what you want to accomplish professionally this year. Imagine what your personal goals are for the year.  Can you imagine things you hope for the ones you love this year?

And after all that imagining, it turns out that my word of the year had just fallen into my lap.



And I am going to start by Imagining my Impossibility and if you haven’t already joined us, come on already!

the space between

I explained here that I am going to make a gallery wall using only one screw in the wall. For all of the renters who can’t riddle their walls with holes or for anyone who just doesn’t want all of the holes, this might be our solution to gaining this awesome gallery wall look.

So, can you imagine how my one screw gallery wall is going to come out?  If you’re thinking “In a big heap on the floor” you’re not alone.

See, I haven’t exactly made a lot of progress.  We started this whole challenge right after I arrived on a 9 (make that 10) day trip to visit family.  Funny enough, the day before I got the email from Kari with the idea, I had gone here.
And I had bought all of this.
Funny story, when I was at Goodwill in small town Maine with all of my junk finds in my cart, the cashier kindly asked a couple looking at earrings by the counter to step aside because I was ready to check out.  The man looked at my cart and then at me and said “Sorry, I thought you were just restocking the shelves.”  Hahaha

Nope, I am exchanging hard earned cash for this junk cart full o’ goodies.

After my wonderful trip, where I accomplished absolutely nothing as it relates to this challenge.  I ended up with this view while I was supposed to be in the air heading home.
Who doesn’t love snow plows on the runway while you are sitting on the plane waiting to take off?  😉  This was my view for about 2 hours until the de icing started and the journey continued.
Who doesn’t love watching your fate at work outside the cage you are currently trapped in?

Unfortunately, due to the limited options of flights to this little island, that 2 hour delay ended up extending my length of stay in the great ol’ US of A by 20 hours.  I got home in the evening on Friday and between unpacking, getting caught up with the hubs and most importantly (uhhh, that title probably should have gone to getting caught up with the hubs, but I’m sure he understands) mentally preparing for the Patriots big game Saturday night and NFL Division Championship weekend in general, no gallery walling got done.

But man, am I ready to get rolling.  Oh, and did I mention we have company coming to visit on Tuesday for 9 days?  This little impossible challenge is falling deeper and deeper into that exact category.

But, I’m motivated and determined, and imagining it being done.  It.  Will.  Happen!

This is what I’ve got so far.
That little black spec is my screw.  Yep, that’s what I’ve got so far.  And for the record, that screw was there when we moved in.  :)

So, now can you imagine my one screw gallery wall?  Yeah, I’m having a hard time of it myself.  :/  But, definitely check back in next Monday, I’m bound to have done something with some of the junk stuff I brought back from Goodwill.

And, while you’re here I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorite words others have chosen around the blog world.  I say, IMAGINE if my blog could someday be as awesome as these ladies have made theirs.  Just imagine!

Beth, at Home Stories A to Z, chose Bubbles.  Now, let’s be honest people.  Can anyone say bubbles without smiling?  I sure can”t.  That is a good characteristic for a word of the year I’d say.  Click here to read about her choice, and while you’re at Beth’s place be sure to check out her 2011 Year in Review to get more of an idea of the awesomeness that is Beth’s style and DIY ability.  I think her entry area is so well done!  And she also puts the spotlight on others a lot of the time, check out her thoughts on the Top 15 DIY projects from other blogs in 2011.

And definitely take a minute to check out Marian at Miss Mustard Seed.  Her word of the year is Celebrate!  I say cheers to that.  :)  I can so relate to her emotions surrounding some large successes she has coming up.  I love the choice to make the focus on celebrating the success over focusing on any anxiety that these successes can bring.  Read more about her word choice here.  And don’t miss her recent home office makeover, I just love everything about the finished product!  And to get just a bit more of an idea of her creativity and overall decorating prowess be sure to see what she considers her Top Home Projects of 2011.

So much great stuff was accomplished in 2011.  Imagine what we can all do in 2012!

So, have you ever had a word of the year?  What would you choose if you had to pick just one, right now?

Update:  You can read the second update here and see the big reveal here.  :)

And have you decided on your impossible yet?  Can you IMAGINE the Impossibilities?

the space between

I am sharing this project here, here, here and here. Check ‘em out!


  1. says

    Hey!~ you load up your cart at the thrift store like I do! I, too, have been mistaken for an employee. lol. Interesting and fun challenge! if I can think of a good one, I’ll be back. For now, I’m adding you to my sidebar so I don’t miss anything! :)

  2. says

    Karah…..I love the black spec! You are off and running! I am so excited and thrilled to see what you are going to accomplish! I can only “Imagine” what you are going to accomplish! LOL

  3. says

    Imagine is a word without limitations, a really good choice for your word of the year. Thanks so much for stopping by and following. Following you too.

  4. says

    Love your word to go along with your challenge! My word is consistent – boring, I know, but something I struggle with and really want to work on this year! Time to get my head out of the clouds (just a little bit) and get some things done! :)

  5. andrea cammarata says

    i have to tell you that this is just one of the challenges that i am dying to see!!!! it is going to totally amaze me i am sure!!!!! sending all the support and hugs in the world!

  6. says

    I like all of your “finds” especially the clipboard. I totally think that counts as a start! I laughed at the guy rummaging through your things in Goodwill. Ours is always so busy you have to keep an eye on your goods or someone else will take them.

    Are we supposed to post a link of our updates on the challenge or wait for the link party at the end? Of course clicking has shown me a lot of the commentors are following along so probably links are redundant.

    Thanks again for giving me some couch inspiration.

    • says

      Hahaha, I can imagine there are some aggressive Goodwill shoppers around!

      Please either post a comment here with a link to your post or if you continue to put links to my blog in your posts I will get a notification. Whatever is easiest for you. I’m so happy you’re along for the adventure!

  7. says

    Loving this challenge as it’s got me focused to finish mine. I featured the challenge and my project today. Can’t wait to see yours and all the others. Thanks! Elaine at Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup

  8. says

    Nice screw! Hahaha! You really have a challenge!!! I think I better get on the band wagon and do a word of the year…hmmm…why not? And have fun with that screw. :) My husband says he has lots of ideas if you need them….I told him you probably had some of your own. 😉

    • says

      Thanks Sherry! I do have lots of ideas…let’s just hope they work. I may be reaching out to your husband at the end. 😉 I wasn’t sure about a word of the idea, but it was fun when I realized I already had one. Have fun with it!

  9. says

    Poked around your blog a bit and excited to be your newest follower. I may have to give the challenge a try. Cannot wait to see how you accomplish yours!

  10. Deanna says

    How appropriate that you displayed your Goodwill “goodies” on the green couch (that should have probably gone to Goodwill!) 😉

  11. says

    Hilarious. I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought the same of me! I have become one of those shoppers who rush to the decor section of Goodwill when they ring the bell. : )


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