what will be your legacy?

Do you ever think about your legacy?
your legacy

I don’t. Or didn’t.

I hear it asked to outgoing presidents and super-athletes all the time.  “What do you want your legacy to be?”.

Do normal people even have ‘legacies’?

Why not?

Will this blog’s legacy be the DIY canvas silhouettes I made in February of our beloved pups?  It has found new life on Pinterest lately, thank YOU to everyone who has pinned and repinned.  :)
your legacy

This little legacy debate came to me in the shower.  I was considering whether or not I wanted to take on a sponsorship opportunity that was being offered to me.

It wasn’t a company I knew of, but seemed legit after a little research.  I liked their concept, product and it was relevant to my usual content.

But something was just telling me it wasn’t the right fit.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.

And when I was trying to decide whether or not to take the offer, I thought about that content living on my blog For. Ev. Er. It would forever be connected to the space between.  Making it part of this blog’s legacy.

Do I want that to be part of my blog’s legacy?

It was such an eye opener.  It made my decision so easy.  Like a no-brainer.  :)

I saw Carmel’s Don’t Buy Word recently … I guess this would be my “Do I want this on the blog question“.

DIY pallet projects = heck yeah, I want them on the blog.  :)
pallet crate

See how to make the pallet crate here.

You’ve probably noticed a few sponsored posts, ads running in different spots, and even a post or two explaining how you can help me make a few pennies by supporting companies I am working with.

PLEASE KNOW, I don’t make any decisions as they relate to the blog lightly.  I ponder the blog’s legacy in the shower for cryin’ out loud.  :)

I want this blog to be primarily about my projects (like the old doors I just made into a coffee table), with a little life, photography and travel mixed in.
old door

And … I want this blog to make money.  I first realized this here. And the reality is, that will evolve over time and find it’s way into different posts and items you see in the sidebar. Ideally, in an appealing way that leaves you inspired. That’s not to say I won’t make a misstep here or there. But, I sure will try.  :)

And I’ll just toss out a sincere “I’m sorry” here for any past and future blunders.  :)

Because I actually don’t believe that you get to pick your own legacy. But what we do get to pick is what we do in real life that inevitably leads to the legacy.

Hey, maybe the simple little taco seasoning tip will be the winner.  :)

What about you?  How do you make important decisions in your life?  Do you think normal people have legacies?  Or are you more of a whatever goes type?

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  1. says

    I think everyone has a legacy. I wish everyone would think about what theirs might be. In the shower, in the car, wherever. (I do some of my best thinking while drying my hair and driving to work.) And if you’re lucky enough to find what you love and you have the means to make money from it? Go for it!

  2. says

    Good question.I never really thought about it.But as far as decisions they are never made lightly in this home.We research,think,decide for awhile before we do anything big.I am a risk taker with decorating.But in other aspects of my life I am not .

  3. says

    Great post, Karah! Definitely something we should all consider. It’s hard to know what is the right decision for our blogs and this helps put it into perspective!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    I’m not sure how much I have thought about the legacy that I am leaving behind, but I have thought about if I am doing the right thing for me, and those I love. It is a tough one to think about sometimes! But, I think if you follow your heart, and do what is right for you, that will no doubt be the legacy you were meant to leave.

  5. says

    Did you ever see that episode of 30 Rock where Alec Baldwin’s character talks about the “Shower Principle”…all great ideas come when you’re doing something mundane {or something like that.} Anyway, I think it’s great that you’re considering your blog legacy. At this point {8 months into blogging} I can’t imagine anyone asking me to sponsor anything, so my “legacy” is basically writing uncrappy posts whenever possible. 😉

  6. says

    Karah…you are really making me think….I love this post…I am fortunate to have someone who has been beside me for most of my life….to consult, who always listens and together we make “life decisions”…knowing you, your heart will lead the way…to make the best of decisions…for your legacy will shine forever…

  7. says

    I am so impressed that you think long and hard before you do sponsored posts. I really don’t care for blogs that do them ALL THE TIME, it seems so insincere when they do write things from the heart. A legacy? That is a great pondering question. As far as my blog goes, I don’t think you get to pick, I think readers do. And it is so strange what projects people just can’t get enough of. Things I definitely would not have picked.

    Hopefully my legacy will be for the most part that I was good, kind person, who really tried to elevate the lives of people around me. Now, how is that for humble. NOT! Sincere humility will definitely not be part of my legacy. I gave up on that a while ago. Hey, I can only be so good here!

  8. Kristy Rohm says

    Enjoyed your blog so much today. Very insightful. As I get ready to retire form 911/Police in November after 24 years I have to tell you that I have often thought about what my legacy here will be. I feel like I have tried to make this crazy job better for the ones i leave behind by some of the decisions I have been allowed to make. I will truly miss this job and the people but I have new found Curacao friends to keep me busy. Love to the furry babies! kristy

  9. says

    I love that driftwood box you have on your table. I am in the middle of a driftwood project at the moment but have run out of pieces so it is sitting unfinished in the garage.

    I don’t give really think much about my legacy but I do distinctly remember seeing an anti counterfeit design I created for currency, rolling off the press in the million billion zillion and thinking … wow I created that and it is going to be seen and touched by millions of people.

  10. says

    Great post – great thing for all bloggers to think about. I think a lot about what I want my legacy to be in my personal life – but not as often in terms of the blog. This totally gives me a great new perspective- thanks for sharing!

  11. says

    Hi – yes, I have thought about this. Even more, just of my work in general. I look back on some decorative projects I took early on in my career – and I could cringe at some of them. Now, I have the luxury of saying “no” to people who 1) want me to create “ugly” but they don’t know it and they won’t take my advice and 2) want me to create beauty – yet at such a discounted rate, it’s demeaning.

    So – my projects wind up on my blog and so, in a way, become my blog’s legacy. I have yet to take on advertising and I know that will come soon – but I think if I have the ability to choose projects for their ultimate worth…I think I may also look at advertisers the same way. Hopefully – I will keep the same parameters.

    Great post idea – thank you for it!



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