15 upcycling ideas for Earth Day

Hey there.  Happy Earth Day!!  Today is a nice reminder of a day to take great care for this place we all call home. So what better day than today to share some inspiring upcycling ideas that I’ve seen around the net.

And to start, just a quick shout out to everyone who has preordered the book.  Thank you!!  It has been a whirlwind process and I really can’t thank you enough for your support along the way.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the cover.  Seriously, I wrote a book and here is the cover.  Unreal.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects Book Cover

Pallet projects are the ultimate in upcycling ideas since you are literally taking someone else’s trash and creating something awesome with it.  That is one of the reasons why I love pallet projects so much … and the projects in the book … ahhhh, I am so happy with the mix and variety and just the ideas in general.

I love how the ideas can be transformed and personalized and tweaked to work for anyone.  The book is much less a “here’s how to make this” book than it is a “here’s how I made this, but I think it would be so cool if you make it longer/taller/wider etc” book.

And a few fun facts about the cover.  A few weeks back, while we were at spring training actually, was when we had a flutter of emails going back and forth about the cover because the publisher needed to get it finalized to send out for promotion purposes.  I was definitely caught off guard by the timing because the book content wasn’t complete at the time.

But, it just goes to show you how things actually work in real life.  The publisher made all of the final decisions for the cover, which I was happy about because, well, they’ve done this before.  And my comments like “I’m not sure I love the orange” were met with a response of “too monochromatic a color scheme can make a book look flat and get lost on shelves”.  Smart.

But we did come together to create a cover that we all love.  The areas where I gave input included things like:

    • coloring and fonts – I wanted it to feel like the blog and the fonts and colors they ended up using (plus the orange) came directly from what I want to incorporate into the blog


  • the title even got an update from “DIY Wood Pallets, 35 Rustic Modern Pallet Projects to Personalize Your Home” to “DIY Wood Pallet Projects, 35 Rustic Modern Upcycling Ideas to Personalize Your Space” … you know to personalize your space … from the space between.  :)
  • And they included the full blog URL by my name which I really like because without this here blog there would not be this book.  So it’s nice meld the two and make it clear it is one and the same.

And I didn’t make any comments on the photos they chose or the projects they picked for the cover, I had all kinds of thoughts of which ones they would pick so I thought it was just good mojo to go with what popped out best to them.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects Book Cover

And no project book is complete without a whole host of inspiration from any number of places.  Thanks to my BFF for sending me ideas for projects she wanted to learn how to make, and my mom for sending me photos of pallet ideas she thought would make good projects.

So here are a bunch of pallet project ideas that are awesome, and inspirational and proof that you can really make anything your imagination can dream up.

American Map Silhouette Art

upcylcing ideas - American Map Silhouette Art

Headboard with Stenciled Reclaimed Wood

Upcycling Ideas - headboard with stenciled reclaimed wood

Floor to Ceiling Headboard

Ucpycling Ideas - floor to ceiling headboard

Vintage Crate Carts – Ana has so many great plans for furniture and DIY projects large and small, a true DIY inspiration.

Upcycling Ideas - vintage crate carts

Pallet Coffee Table

Upcycling Ideas - Pallet Table

Picnic Table Made From Pallets

Upcycling Ideas - pallet slat picnic table

Pallet Slat Side Table (I couldn’t find an original source for this image.)

Upcycling Ideas - pallet slat side table

Colorful Wood Sofa Table

Upcycling Ideas - wood sofa table

Pallet Sofa – With Storage Underneath

Ucpcycling Ideas - pallet sofa

Pallet Platform Bed

Upcycling Ideas - pallet platform bed

Pallet Slat Bar

Upcycling Ideas - pallet slat bar

Mini Pallet Coasters – I seriously need to make some of these, how perfect for an outdoor dining area.

Upcycling Ideas - mini pallet coasters

Bottle and Wood Centerpiece – This isn’t made from pallets but it totally could be, and the bottles are upcycled, too.  The Shanty girls create a ton a great DIY, and a lot of things from wood that can be adapted to a pallet wood design.

Ucylcing Ideas - bottle and wood centerpiece

Reclaimed Wood Star – I think every Christmas mantel needs one of these.

Upcycling Ideas - reclaimed wood star

Wood Crate Steps – Funky Junk Interiors has a plethora of, you guessed it, funky ideas to create and decorate with junk, a must to check out if you love upcycling ideas.

Upcycling Ideas - old crate stairs

Now go forth and be kind to the planet, and find some trash to make into a personal treasure.

Upcycling Ideas - 15 inspiring projects to make with reclaimed wood



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    I need stairs in my house to put those logo stairs in. I’d have to make an upstairs, or basement, but that’s just a minor detail.

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    Congratulations on the new book, Karah!! I’m so behind I totally missed hearing about it. I plan on pre-ordering one, I think it will make a great coffee table book, perfect conversation piece! And if I put it on the wood slab coffee table in my husband’s games room, it might inspire him to help me with a couple projects I’ve been on him about.
    Debbie :)

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    Love the ideas here! I have a totally random question…I love the ocean photo used as an inspiration! Any idea where you found it or is it yours? I’d love it as a print on my wall.

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      Hi shellystew! That ocean with the color ideas is from a website called design seeds. They have so many great color combo ideas!!


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