this week {in curacao}

Soooo, are you guys going to watch the Bachelorette finale tonight?  I AM!!

It has been causing quite a stir around this little island to have the final two episodes filmed here on Curacao.  And it has been so fun to see so many spots that we love spotlighted on national TV.  I have definitely been doing some pointing at the tv yelling things like “We’ve been on that catamaran!”

and “Oh, they’re going to Klein Curacao”

and “Yay, I LOVE Klein Knip beach”

… which may have been followed by “Why don’t you ever paddle board me to the beach from our private boat?”.  😉

BUT … what is even more exciting for us is that we are in real life friends with the owners of the two homes that are in the final episode RIGHT NOW!  I know, super exciting, right?!?!

And, because we are only friends with really cool people, they gave me the OK to take a bajillion pictures of their beautiful homes and share them with you on this here blog. AHHHH!  I know!  How fun to get an inside look at the homes the ABC crew chose to house and film their show!  I’m pretty geeked out about it!  (Obviously!)  :)

So, this is my official announcement of what is going to be ‘this week {in Curacao}’.  The plan is this: (the links are clickable!)

Monday:  House Tour – the house where the guys met Emily’s family
Tuesday:  House Tour – the house where Emily and Ricki stayed while they were here on the island … where Jef met Ricki
Wednesday:  Tree House Tour – a closer look at the tree house that was used as the ‘fantasy suite’ for Jef and Emily … the conduit to love, apparently.  😉
Thursday:  Pool Party, Curacao style
Friday:  My Favorite Things to do in Curacao – because you’re going to want to visit by the end of the week.  😉

I am really, really excited to share a bit more of this fabulous island with you all!!  I hope you all have just as much fun reading about it as I am having getting it all together.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and the Bachelorette finale tonight … and see you here tomorrow.  :)

Photo sources are here, here and here.


  1. says

    Ha ha — I was thinking of you last night while watching (bear in mind, I didn’t watch a single episode of the whole season… just the finale!). Can’t wait for your posts, you lucky girl!
    xo Heidi

  2. Carla says

    Karah! There you are (there should be italics, but I can’t figure out how to do that in this format!) Yes!! Yes, I watched and thought of you and your little pack of a family there in what has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth!

    I usually don’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette but you can bet I did this time, and now I find out not only do you get to live there, but you are friends with the owners of that dream home?? What?? What? (insert more italics there). Oh my goodness.

    I’ll be looking through your pics and stories and will probably need a darn bib as I am sure to be drooling!

    Hope your not so little canine buddy is much, much better – I actually sent healing thoughts/prayers for y’all when I read that post sent a while back. :-)


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