book page covered frames {diy monogram printable}

Wow!  I have been waiting for this day for. like. ever!

Remember when the idea of 12 Days of Kindness literally woke me up one night?

Well, I’ve been tossing around ideas for carrying on the kindness since then.  And I came up with something I am in love with!

Update:  As everyone is posting about their projects I am adding links at the end of this post so you can all follow the journey.

the space between
And, of course, I’m doing it with my gals.  :)

So, here’s the deal.

We all handmade gifts to send to about 5 bloggers we admire.

See, we’re all in about our first 6 months of blogging and the inspiration and support we receive from the blog-o-sphere really is amazing.

So we reached out to a few bloggers we admire to see if they would be willing to Pass It On.  Because, not only do you receive a handmade gift as part of this project …

… we are asking that you then make a couple of gifts of our own to send to 2 bloggers who have been an inspiration to you.

Honestly, I lay awake at night thinking of how far and wide this can reach. (Dork!)  But, that’s only if all of you jump on board.  And it will all be in the name of kindness.  (Unless you ask Kelly.)  😉

The idea really sends shivers up my spine.  (Double Dork!)

We all will, of course,  be blogging about it along the way so I can just imagine a long chain of blog posts, linked up to the people we’ve received our gifts from and those we’ve given gifts to.

So anyone can follow the journey from the start.

And, you really can join anytime…

the space between

You can start your own chain of kindness, you can hand make a token of your appreciation for a few people you really admire and you can encourage others to Pass It On.  :)

I just think is stuff is super fun.  And easy peasy…like It’s a Cinch.  :)

I actually have two variations of my gifts.

The 5 bloggers I wanted to let know that I appreciate them are:

Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale
Ashley from Attempts at Domestication
Emily from 52 Mantels
The Crew at One Project Closer
Dana at Crafted Niche

As a token of something representative of my current space …

… I used beautiful pictures of architectural landmarks here in Curacao.  These pictures came from a calendar my dear friend Lizzie gave to me.  Thanks Liz!

I am just Passing It On.  :)

Then my MISSION: Possible gals had the fun idea that we should each send one of our gifts to each other.

So I made my very own printable.

I had used all of the calendar pictures that I really loved that were a horizontal orientation.

TIP!!!  When faux-co-paging book pages on a frame, FIRST decide what you want to put in the frame so you don’t make them all horizontal not knowing you will want a few to be vertical.  :)

And I’ve been totally in love with all things word and number art these days.

And who doesn’t LOVE a monogram?

So, I made my very own, unique to each lovely lady, monogrammed word art printable.

I made them in Picnik.  But, I hear PicMonkey is the new go-to photo editor on the block.

The frames are plain wood, store-bought with torn book pages faux-co-paged on.  I thought incorporating the chapter numbers was fun, too.  I sealed them all with a couple of coats of clear spray varnish.

Who doesn’t love a random number?  Well, apparently Joel.  Sigh.  😉

So, are you ready to Pass It On?  I sure hope so.  Grab a button.  Make a little somethin’ somethin’ and gift it to someone you appreciate … and ask them to Pass It On.  Easy as pie.

Ohhhh, now I want pie.  😉

… and if you want to see the letter about the project I am putting in my gift packages please email me

Update:  You can follow along the project journey … I will continue to add links as everyone posts about their projects.

I sent my gifts to A Sort of FairytaleAttempts at DomesticationCrafted Niche, One Project Closer
Thistlewood Farm sent her gifts to Housepitality Designs, Coastal Colors, Heidi Milton, Buffalo Roam
Eclectically Vintage sent her gifts to At the Picket Fence, Finding Home, reFresh reStyle, The Rooster and the Hen
it all started with paint sent her gifts to Primitive & Proper, Top This Top That, The DIY Show Off

Fingers in the Dirt sent her own gifts.  :)


  1. kirbycarespodi says

    I love this! I did it on facebook once upon a time and sent felt animal pins that i made. (My go-to medium is felt, though I’m diggin’ ModPodge these days.) What a nice idea!

  2. says

    Okay, now I’m the total dork! You see, I thought my gift was the beautiful frame (with that awesome driftwood “lablel”) … but now I took out those protective pieces of cardboard you so carefully placed so the glass wouldn’t break during delivery and am so very touched with my custom “B” art! I adore each and every word you picked out for me … really and truly. I’m flattered and I’m nodding my head yes as I read each one …



  3. says

    I love love love my framed art!! And, I love the driftwood piece, too! I told my hubby is was real, live driftwood from Curacao. He may not have squealed like I did, but he I know wanted to. (Ha!)

    I am HONORED to be apart of this awesome and inspiring project!! I can’t wait to “pass it on”!

    Thanks for including me and sending me a sweet token!! It’s perfect!

  4. says

    Oh. Em. Gree.
    First, how sweet are you to start up a project like this with your gal pals?

    Second, those frame are ADORABLE!!! And, I’m pondering how I could grab a vintage falling apart recipe book and make it into kitchen frames. (Just modge podge and clear protector spray?)

    Third, driftwood? *swoon, thud*

    Fourth, I really hope this catches on. Nice project! Have you considered making a Pinterest – “Pass It on Project” board? You could check the box to allow other ppl to post on it – and they could share what they sent / received…and spread the word!

  5. says

    Karah, this is a fabulous idea! I have been blessed by Karianne, at Thistlewood Farm, with a lovely canvas. I cannot tell you how special I feel! I’m ready to pass along a random act of kindness too! I’m so honored to be included in this project! Your frames are great! Thanks for the tutorial! I have to give this a try.

  6. says


    You are brilliant and I am so happy to see that our kindness project is finally here :) I love my sweet frame and my driftwood tag.

    Thanks for all your inspiration.


  7. says

    Love this idea, Karah.
    I’m going to make it a point to do this.
    It’s really going to be hard to choose from the amazing women I’ve encountered since I started blogging.
    Hope you have a great day, you lucky beach bum! It’s a stormy day here. Meh.

  8. says

    This is a great idea–and I really like your frames! I’m a sucker for anything with print. And thanks so much for the link to PicMonkey. Have been in denial about Picnik and wondering what I was going to do. Now I will wonder no more! (And still not learn Photoshop :-)

  9. andrea cammarata says

    these are simply BRILLIANT!!!! i love them love them love them and i have one of my very OWN NOW!!!! whohoooooooooooooooooooooo lucky me!!!! I ADORE IT…did i say I ADORE IT!!!! it even has PINK : ) LOL!!!!! junkin joe say thanks for the top spot!!!! : ) thank you my friend for the kindness that you show me all the time! love my frame — love you and i love COLD weather!!! — yes i did indeed have the AC on — i tried to resist but pops and basil were panting so badly there was no other choice — they are not fans of the heat either since they live in the deep freeze most of the time : ) if Alaska was 25 minutes from NYC i would live there : ) sending tons of hugs to you!!!!

  10. says

    I am the recipient of one of KariAnne’s wonderful canvas lettered art…You guys are amazing and I so love the project…I just posted my “Pass it On” post tonight…

    Thank you so much for coming up with this amazing project…I am also linking my pass it on project to “It’s a Cinch” project…

  11. says

    I want to be part of this too – please mail me and let me know what to do. I think Iv missed the background and where to link up post. hope Im not to late xx Nat

  12. says

    Oh, no. Now I wish I had a craft blog. Mine’s all about words because I’m a writer and editor. Still, I guess those are crafts in a way … and I do have a craft room, and I do craft whenever I get a chance (which isn’t very often these days). I could always craft some words for you if you’d let me play too. I’m a misplaced Brit, by the way, so like you I don’t live anywhere near where I was born. I live in South Africa.


  1. […] Karah from The Space Between asked me it be part of the Pass It On Project that she started with a few other bloggers. I said yes and last week I received an awesome homemade gift from Karah. She covered a frame in book pages and the picture is from near where she lives in Curacao! I love the little peek at the architecture where she lives For more on her project go here. […]

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