blog conference {haven 2012} part 2

Hey hey!  Happy Tuesday!

If you missed part one of my nobody knew it was coming eagerly anticipated Haven lists of 3 please check out yesterday’s post here.  :)

Now, let’s just get at it for … the rest of the story.  (name that radio personality for 5 points)

3 Swaggiest Swag Items (in my opinion)

1 – The Kreg Jig Jr.  If you don’t know what it is and you like DIY woodworking you’ve got to check it out and get yourself one.  I can’t wait to try it.
2 – Rustoleum Comfort Spray Grip.  The name says it all.  I can’t wait to try it.
3 – Sample pot of ASCP.  I have already mentioned how giddy I am about this product and … wait for it … I can’t wait to try it.  😉

3 Winningest Moments

1 – Well, this whole experience wouldn’t have happended if I hadn’t have put my name on the waiting list and scored a last-minute ticket so Thank you! Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for reaching out and making the dream this possible.
2 – Marian from Miss Mustard Seed put out a challenge and this girl (thumbs pointing at self) loves a challenge. Just ask my husband.  So I literally pulled my white tank top I’ve recently been using as a paint shirt out of the garbage and embarrassed my whole family by winning the best of the worst paint clothes contest. Just to clarify … the others who tried were disqualified by saying ‘you’re too cute in that outfit’, apparently that statement didn’t apply to me.  😉
3 – The vendor booth Annie Sloan Unfolded had a fun little Spin the Botttle Wheel opportunity and I won a natural hair paint brush.  Winning!

(Sorry I don’t have any pics of all of the excitement, I was too busy Winning!  But I know some were taken and I’m trying to track them down, I’ll let you know if I get some to share.)

But, none of my wins really compare to what my favorite Showoff won … Roeshel won $1000 worth of Purdy paint products!  Holy cow, right!?!

3 Monumental Moments

1 – Realizing that my husband totally needs a new DSLR camera during the incredibly awesome photography session by Josh and Kevin from ShootflyShoot and Layla from The Lettered Cottage. 😉
2 – Realizing the actual financial potential there is to make money from this here blog during the advertising session with Beckie, Sarah and Julia. Wowzas!!
3 – Ok, so, if you’re not a pet person, you’re not going to get this … but I met Burger.  And, it was awesome … in a way that totally made me wish I had my own girls with me.  And it was by the lunch buffet, the one with the fried chicken … so you can imagine Burger’s excitement at the food meeting me.  :)

3 Cool Business Card Ideas

1 – Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. made the cute cardboard, stitched and stamped cards on the left.
2 – Carrie from Making Lemonade added a tea bag to her business card.  Appropriately named ‘making lemonade tea’.
3 – Beth from Home Stories A2Z tied her cards to a little chocolate bar with a fun polka dot ribbon.  I would call that a sure-fire way everyone would take one.  :)

3 Easiest Blog Tips We Should All Implement RIGHT NOW!

1 – Google+ing someone’s post is good for their SEO ranking and totally harmless and incredibly easy.  So let’s do it peeps.  :)
2 – Affiliate links are an easy way to include good content in your post with links to products and services we love and hopefully earn a little cash when they’re clicked and things are bought.  Win – win, I say.
3 – Content IS King!  Calling this a tip is kind of a joke because well, duh!  Right?!?!  But, it’s  a solid reminder that even though I have a post blog conference to-do list that is 2+ full pages long, including items to increase my SEO, improve my page rank and reach a larger audience, the fact remains, I need to focus on providing content that I love to attract readers who love the same stuff.  Cool people you are, who love this kind of stuff, clearly.  😉

3 Biggest Surprises 

1 – My wonderful roommate and friend Debbie from reFresh reStyle surprised me with a lovely little gift of a notepad and a BEAUTIFUL necklace handmade by Creative Carmella.  Carmella makes these to sell and I highly recommend them!!
2 – How many non-bloggers were at the conference.  I don’t know why I thought there would be only bloggers, but it was fun to mingle with non-bloggers who were there to get hands on with some DIY and meet their favorite bloggers.  So fun!
3 – How much I gained from the experience.  Like I’ve said, I really didn’t know what to expect … but I got so much out of the conference I really can’t even believe it myself.  And when people ask me to share my notes, I am ON IT.  But really, it’s not just the content I got (even though, content is King) it was the experience and camaraderie and overall environment.  Impossible to replicate on a sheet of words, really.

3 Post Blog Conference Blog Confessions

1 – I want my blog to make money.  I did not start this blog to make money.  And I continue to blog because I love it so.  But, it would be a lie to deny the fact that being exposed to the potential for financial gain was titillating.  Earn money doing something you love … OK, I’ll try that.
2 – I don’t want my blog to take over my life. I feel quite fortunate that through our many life experiences gained from moving and I have learned the art of, and feel pretty adept at, maintaining life balance.  This blog is going to challenge that daily.  I am up for the challenge.  :)
3 – I am inappropriately in LOVE with blogging, other bloggers and all of the potential and opportunity available to us all.  Can I get a woot woot? :)

Ok, that is that when it comes to my main takeaways from Haven.  I am having so much fun reading everyone else’s and will be getting back to posting about projects here ASAP.  Thanks for indulging my lists.

Anything about the lists surprise you?


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    I ditto everything you said…..except I don’t know who Berger is :) Oh…..and I didn’t know you won the paint clothes contest…..congratulations……I think :) Hahahaha!

    :) me

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    I’ll shout another woot…woot! Because you and Haven deserve a lot of them! Girl I had so much fun and learning some blogging stuff was awesome too! Thanks for the necklace shout-out, Carmella is awesome and has come to my rescue :) a couple of times!
    Have a great day!

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    I missed seeing your paint clothes! Congrats on the win! For a DIY girl…that’s an honor! 😉 Oh – I have a paint brush or two for you. Pick up in person only! I can’t even imagine what $1000 worth of Purdy is going to look like, can you?

    There was a ton of great information and advice. Looking forward to diving back in! :)

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    Awesome! I’m gonna +1 people all over the place now (hopefully I get a little love back) and what did you win for the painting clothes?

    I think I’d die if I wont the Purdy burshes. Congrats to Roeshel!!!

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    Sounds like you had an amazing time! I’m hoping for a Haven 2 so I can get my sorry self there … and I’ll be sure to bring my ickiest paint clothes too!

    And what’s the google+ that we’re suppose to do? Is it just to have a google+ account and to post every post on there like FB?



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    What a super nice roomie you had over there :) Makes me feel like a slacker roomie…ha! I’m happy you liked the business cards… they were coffee sleeves in their last life! So happy we got to hang out, eat pizza, and drink wine together!

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    Hey! I just google+1’d the post :-)
    I too LOVED the swag! That Jig looks so cool – I have never used one so I’m sure I’ll have a learning curve but how cool that they gave it to us?! The sessions were amazing too – especially the Advertising one – in a word: WOW. Thanks for the Haven recap!

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    Just love your perspective, Karah! And I didn’t know you won the paint clothes contest!! You’re so modest… 😀
    I’m still processing a lot of what I learned at Haven, but woot woot to everything you said. Let’s earn some $$!
    xo Heidi

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    Woot Woot! FYI – we’re all dorks! So don’t worry about that one little bit. Thanks for the great feedback from Haven. I’m glad you had a great time. Yeah about all that winning! You’re a lucky dog!

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    Karah! Sounds like you had a great time. Haven sounds awesome. I went to BlogHer Food (it was in my hometown) but I don’t think it was the same as Haven… I loved hearing all about it!

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    Thanks for the recap — and tweeting this link tonight! I’m a new blogger preparing for Blissdom at the end of March (and Haven at the beginning of August), and reading your recap helps me to be less anxious and to know better what to expect :)

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      Woo Hoo, that’s serendipitous (is that even spelled right?) timing. I’ll be at Haven too!! Don’t be anxious, just be yourself and soak it all in, the experience of mingling with all the other bloggers is the best part of a conference by far! Enjoy!


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