Day #3 – the best leftover pizza microwave tip

We’re on day three of our October series.  Pick it up from the beginning here.


A while back Joel forwarded me an email with a bunch of pictures and simple little “ah ha” moments for life. Most of them have since slipped my mind but this was one trick I knew I had to try.

the best microwave pizza tip ever

And it works.

That’s all there is to know about this really.

The best leftover pizza microwave tip ever.

Unless you’re my dogs, because now I actually eat the crusts on leftover day instead of giving it to them.

I guess there’s always a loser.

Oh, and you might also like to know that this girl does not just have one piece of pizza for lunch. #keepingitreal

the best microwave pizza tip ever

And apparently I really like red pepper flakes. #somelikeithot

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  1. Nancy Carr says

    Now I am going to have to order a pizza this weekend just so I can try this. My dogs like pizza and the crusts, too. Thanks for the tip.

  2. kim h says

    Cant wait to try this!! My favorite way of reheating pizza is putting it a pan on low to medium heat for a few minutes. The crust is crispy and top is soft.

  3. Nate says

    Putting a small glass with water in it when microwaving mashed potatoes will also help to keep them from drying out. I’m sure this would work with other items you want to keep moist.

  4. Mary says

    Good idea! But for MY leftover pizza, I like to toast it a bit in the toaster oven and cut it into small bite-size squares and use it as croutonS on a salad!!!!!!! Or let them float around in your tomato soup!!


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