preparing to repaint the house with many little exterior updates courtesy of my dad

exterior siding repair

With a whole house that pretty much has something screaming at me to update it in every single room sometimes I find it really hard to stay focused on just one project at a time. Especially when that one project involves day after day of me and tubes of caulk. I am slowly (very, very slowly) making my way through all of the new siding. For now we’ve decided to focus our efforts on any project that helps us get closer to closing out the building permit we opened when we had our little roof raising Labor Day party weekend. We have two full years until we have to close it out, but it’s giving us nice focus right now to just forge ahead and tick things off the list.  In between family visits and playing tour guide that is.  We’re in the middle of a “we have company visiting 21 of 27 days” stint right now so progress is on the slower side.  But fun with the family is full speed ahead.  :) So, during my dad’s recent visit I tasked him with a number of nagging little things that I knew would be right up his alley and move us ever so slightly closer to a new exterior paint color.  Otherwise known as the prep work that needs to happen before we’re even prepped and ready to prep and get ready for paint. First, trim around the outside of the two new french doors. Remember the two new doors we had installed when we upgraded all of the windows? They’ve been sitting trim-less (inside and out) ever since.  The interior trim is prominently on the to-do list, we’ll get there, but the exterior trim was going to be a bit more complicated since the exterior siding needed to be cut to fit … continue reading