my man is making a yardscape

yardscape ideas for small spaces

I want to start with a note to express my deepest concern for everyone affected by the events yesterday at the Boston Marathon.  Many of you know I am originally a New Englander and part of my heart will always reside there.  I had a dear friend run in the marathon who, thankfully, finished before the explosions happened. And I’m incredibly grateful that two of my cousins who were at the event are safe and sound … and proud to say one was able to stay and provide help to the injured.  That sports medicine degree is already coming in handy, Taylor. Seriously, my first post title thought was ‘my yard is manscaped’.  As in, my yard was put in order by my man … but we all know that’s not really what that collection of words says, now don’t we.  :) But, to refocus here, I really need to brag on my man for just a minute.  Usually I’m more about mocking him, that’s no secret.  But for anyone who knows us in real life there are a few things that are for sure.