a rug, a gift idea, and a reader tip

ll bean chenille braided rug

I was just organizing our always growing pile of receipts and thought “Hey, you haven’t met Cheny yet”.  You first saw her in this glowing night shot. And real quick, does January just make you need to organize?  I am actually resisting the urge on many levels because the impractical nature of me trying to get organized when I really should just be gutting our master bedroom, bathroom and closet isn’t lost on even me.  But order and organization are taking over the interwebz these days and it reminds me of the time that I was going to organize my file cabinet and instead I ended up covering the outside in book pages.  (You can pin this idea here and it will link directly to the tutorial post.) Anywho, back to the whole point I was going to make originally.  If you have people in your life who enjoy a practical gift might I suggest to make it a habit of giving them the same gift card for every occasion. I know, I know, this doesn’t sound sexy, and on the surface probably doesn’t even sound thoughtful.  But, I disagree.  Here’s the thing, I’m originally from Maine and we Mainahs love us some LL Bean, or L and L as Joel calls it.  He’s from Iowa, he doesn’t know any better.  It’s been a pretty solid family tradition that from at least one or two relatives we will get and give LL Bean gift cards. They even kept coming when we lived in Curacao.  And since I wasn’t doing much shopping in those days they kept accumulating and when I started looking for rugs for our dining room I realized I could combine them all get a pretty sweet rug for a pretty decent price. Yep, that’s me stockpiling $355.61 … continue reading