putting lipstick on a pig {and how to change your dryer cord}

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You guys! We bought all new appliances!! I own a dishwasher again. By “own” I mean “paid for but Home Depot is holding it because we really don’t have a kitchen renovation on any immediate plans and our current kitchen doesn’t have the space for a dishwasher”. Which kind of takes all of the fun out of actually owning a dishwasher. But it means I can see the light at the end of the 4-years-without-a-dishwasher tunnel. If I had to pick my least favorite task it would be doing dishes, hands down.  I’ll clean a toilet any day of week. Seriously people, that takes like 3 seconds.  And do it right before you get in the shower to wash off any skeeve factor.  Doing dishes takes an eternity!  I have lost years off of my life I can never get back standing in front of the sink doing dishes. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.  I must mean that I have no real problems in life if my biggest one is doing dishes.  So, I’ll concede to that fact. But in December Home Depot was having an appliance sale we just couldn’t turn down. And even though it doesn’t really seem to make sense, timing-wise, we went for it.  You know, ’cause we don’t live in a perfect home improvement world. And, because Joel and I don’t really exchange gifts I may have sent him an email with our order confirmation that said “Merry Christmas to us”.  Making this a big Christmas year since I already got the floor plan program.  I’m also the girl who asked for an Oreck for Christmas one year and may have stalked a silent auction table at a charity event to actually get said vacuum for about half off regular price. … continue reading