creating curb appeal or “you’re decorating with exactly how many street side finds?”

creating curb appeal with some front porch decorating

Consider yourself forwarned, I might just declare each newly finished, or even nearly finished, room “my new favorite space”.  Lucky for you we’re only on pace to finish one room a year so the next proclamation appears to be far off.  But for now, our front porch is by far my new favorite space around here. And clearly it doesn’t even have to be a room inside my house for it to qualify.  To get the street side finds countdown started, I found that old window a few blocks away on an evening dog walk one day.  It’s perfectly chippy and a nice filler for that bare corner without blocking the view to our newly painted hardiboard siding. Even though there are still a few little things to tick of the front porch to-do list like patching the cracks and painting the new posts (they’re only primed right now), covering the concrete floor with wood decking (maybe eventually) and making some sort of house number (maybe with sea glass?) I decided to skip ahead to the decorating anyway to polish off the process of creating curb appeal. The timing worked out perfectly for a little front porch piddling (as my mom would call it) since my mom was actually on her way for a visit.  And you know you can’t visit us without being put to work.  But rest assured I try hard to assign you projects I think you’ll like.  So my mom and I arranged and rearranged furniture and shopped for accessories and plants.  But that stump was picked up along the street shortly after we moved in, Joel texted me a picture of it one day after he saw it on his way to work saying “I saw this and thought you might want it”. Now that’s … continue reading