why beadboard on the ceiling is nothing at all like dancing on the ceiling

beadboard on the ceiling

Can we all just say … FINALLY! As DIYers, we’re pretty well versed in the universal truth that “everything takes longer than you think it’s going to”.  Everything. Without fail.  It just is what it is. And technically that’s why we don’t have any sort of set timeline on home projects.  We take them as they come and tick them off the list as we discover a huge appliance sale or some random weekend when extra help is available for just as time allows, even if company is visiting. And can we just agree now that the question “when do you plan on being finished?” is as equally inappropriate to ask as “are you pregnant?” or “how much do you weigh?”. It’d be one thing if we were professionals working on a contracted job, but we’re just homeowners making improvements as we can.  Improvements that are totally dependant on availability of supplies, finances and even inspiration.  I’m not one to tackle a project just because it’s next on the list if I don’t really know what I want to do yet.  Which is how we found ourselves in IKEA during the trip where I met Stephen King checking out kitchens. But wait, this post isn’t about kitchens, it’s about the beadboard on the ceiling, specifically on the underside of our front porch roof, and the story of how it took me sooooo much longer to complete than expected.  But I will tell you it was sooooo worth it. Even though I am actively willing away from my muscle memory all of the hours spent looking up with my arms above my head hanging the beadboard and caulking all the seams and then all of the touch-up paint to finish her off. So please don’t ask me when we’re going to … continue reading