2 last minute Christmas treats {with peppermint}

peppermint pretzel sticks

So I was waiting around at the deli for my Italian cold cut sub and my eyes started to wander.  It’s one of those quiet little small town delis, and no one else is around … the employee who took my order is now in the back making my sandwich. “and what to my wondering eyes should appear…” Well, a bag of white chocolate and peppermint covered pretzels.  :) And, like any DIYer would think, I thought “I could totally make those”. Now, I’m no fancy cooker lady, and DIY in the kitchen is oh-so-not-even-remotely close to DIY around the house.  But apparently I am the arrogant kind of DIYer.  You know the type. “Hi, I’m Karah and I like to make crafts and do home improvement so clearly I can cook anything I see in a bag in a deli.” Lucky for me, this little treat was so incredibly easy my 5 year old nephew could do it.  Which isn’t really a fair comparison because he did have to explain to me the other day what a periscope is. #iamnotsmarterthana5yearold Anyway, here is how I made some easy little white chocolate and peppermint pretzel sticks and still have enough kitchen prowess left over to whip up some dark chocolate and peppermint bark for a little Christmas party treat.