two little closet updates and happy new year!!

Holy 2014!  Where did you come from exactly? Hopefully you had a festive new year celebration.  It is odd for Joel to not have to work on NYE so we enjoyed our own little night of merriment and saw our first Key West new year’s eve party live.  Funny enough we actually saw the coverage of Key West’s new year’s eve party last year from Curacao on CNN.  Yes, we were home, just us and the dogs, watching the world celebrate.  We are rock stars like that. Remember the wall-to-wall closet we made for our guest bedroom way back in 2013? She has definitely come in handy to house all of our stuff that doesn’t have a real home yet.  Right now that consists of all of my project supplies, lamps and lamp shades, vacuums, unhung artwork (which is basically all of anything we have ever hung on a wall except these guys) and all of my clothes and shoes can be found in there. Oh, not-yet-built-master-closet how I yearn for you. I have high hopes for more organization in time as we get to creating what I hope to become a craft corner in the guest room and an office nook on a wall between the living and dining room.  But, until then, this closet is probably my most used accessory. And, what once looked like the picture above, after a few short months started to look more like this. One thing that I’ve learned from our house guests that doesn’t translate well on the blog is just how tall these guys are.  They are a full 8 feet tall, which is the height of the ceilings in many houses.  Our ceilings are 9 1/2 feet tall throughout the house and I guess I don’t do a good job … continue reading