the test of time

I couldn’t find my hair pick the other day.  Does anyone else use a hair pick anymore?  I use mine everyday when I get out of the shower.  And I can’t find it.  Argh!

And I’ve had it since high school.  That’s about 20 3 years.  If it doesn’t show up I guess I can always say we had a good run.  😉

But it got me thinking, what else do we have around here that has stood the test of time?  And, probably more appropriately, the test of travel across the US and to a Caribbean island?

What have we had since before we were we, over 13 years ago?

Well, there’s this girl.  The Jeep.

She’s a little worse for the wear these days with blocks holding up the driver’s seat that has rusted through her supports and a bright yellow strap (think caution tape) tying the seat back up so I’m not driving around all gangsta-like any more than normal.

And the Caribbean sun hasn’t done her paint job any favors.  She’s destined to retire here on this island … but we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun tooling around these crazy roads without her.

I mean, with drivers who park like this, I can’t be too concerned with her appearance.

Joel bought her brand new in 1996 … 16 years ago.

And would you believe me if I told you this was Joel’s hair gel when we moved in together?

Well apparently it is ‘texturizing lotion’. He must have used it in his San Francisco cool kid days.  And I’ve used about 8 drops a year since.  We’ve probably got a few more years in her even though she’s over 13 years old.  😉

Now, did your dad sponsor your high school summer soccer team?

Mine did … so I can’t just get rid of the shirt, can I?!?!

The quote we put on the back is “The greatest glory was not in never falling, but in rising every time you fell.” Which we credited to Vince Lombardi … but google it … it’s been around in many variations.

The shirt is from the summer of 1993 … a 19 year old beauty. Go Rams!

So … I can’t get rid of my own shirts but, I can turn one of Joel’s prized possessions into a little more festive look.

Well … festive for me and downright useless for him.  Sorry honey!

Yes, that shirt is from 1994, just like it says … that’s an 18 year old treasure.  Perfect for all World Cup games!

And speaking of shirts, these Gawd Awful beauties recently found their way into the garbage thankfully!

Even I couldn’t think of anything to make them into … trash can liners might have been an option, though.  :)  13 plus years was apparently their limit.

And then I came two photo albums and my train of thought was … I don’t remember looking at these since we’ve been here … and we have a US trip coming up so I could take them back and put them in storage … because this spot would be perfect for storing some craft supplies.  :)

But then I opened them … and I couldn’t look away.  I was watching the years.  Our years.

Our non-traditional day at the San Francisco Zoo … in 1999.  Our first hike in Big Sur … the afternoon at the Big Sur River Inn, all of our wonderful days in Big Sur.

An autumn trip to Boston, Christmas on the beach in Carmel, and a road trip or two.

*there’s one of those shirts in Sedona in the fall of 1999!

And I realized I really liked flannel shirts remembered why I brought them with us to this here island, and put them back on the shelf.

My craft supplies will just have to go somewhere else.  :)

Is this even normal?  To have hair gel and t-shirts that are 20 years old?  To ‘miss’ the perfect hair pick?

And how do you preserve your pictures?  The real pictures.  The ones that were taken and developed before the digital age? I don’t ever want to lose the evidence of those great memories.  Maybe you can help?


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    The other day, we were all looking at baby pictures of our girls and my hubs was wearing the same shirt that he was wearing in the picture! That was 12 years ago! I have to sneak in when he’s out and toss stuff.

    And I once had my metal teasing comb (yes, I’m from Jersey) confiscated at the airport – and they giggled when they took it away! I walked away with my foot high (it was the 90’s) head of hair held high! But I never could find the perfect replacement!

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    What is it about t-shirts that makes them impossible to throw away?! These days we have a few select keepsake t’s and I plan to frame them and hang them in our walk-in closet, sort of a scrapbook of clothes. For preserving “real” photos I’ve done a couple of things: scanned some so we have online backups and could reprint and for the super special ones that a reprint could never replace, like a 1920’s original of a studio photo of my grandmother, that lives in a fire safe box. And funny, I too still have the big tooth comb I carried in my gym bag in high school, and I do freak out every time I misplace it. Have a great weekend. Robin

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      I love that idea for your t-shirts, Robin. I have thoughts of making a little throw quilt someday for a game room/basement … but who knows when/if that will ever happen. And the idea of scanning all of those pictures is so daunting …

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    what a great post! do you know what i bought the other day- a new pair of boots. i have not bought nice leather boots since before we got married and you know wht- i still have and still wear those others even though they are 11 years old now!

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    This is such a fabulous post. I am just falling over laughing at the hair pick. I have a hair pick, the handle broke off about 8 years ago, but I am pretty sure I have had it since long before Mark and I were married, almost 20 years ago. Probably it has been with me a good 25 years now. One morning I couldn’t find it and I almost panicked. I haven’t had flat hair, since a brief mod stint in 1983. Stick straight and FLAT! I used a hair brush that day, then promptly went to the drugstore to buy a fine toothed comb. Guess what? It works way better at back combing my hair, and my hair has never been happier. I did find that pick, it had fallen under the bathroom cabinet. I was sad to throw it away, but it was time to let it go.

    As for the photos, that is a project I need to do! Scan the photos, then save them to your computer and backup drive. Or take them to a drugstore, scan them there and have them reprinted and have them give you a CD. Love the pictures!!!! Especially the Carmel one. Happy weekend. -K

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      Ugh … the idea of scanning all of those pictures gives me a stomach ache. lol And my pick still hasn’t shown up. :( But with your encouragement I think I can let her go. 😉

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    Sweet! I love this post. I`m so glad you cut your t-shirt neck out right, I made too big of a boat neck cut and now they`re always falling off my shoulders!! aaaargh! Can`t help you with the pick, my hair is an inch and a half long at most, no need for combs or brushes – YAY!

    Some of my old photos are in albums, most are in sleeves and tucked away in decorative hat boxes. I finally threw away all the negatives during the summer months – never used any of them for over 12 years, guess I won`t need em. I`m getting so good at purging!! Have a fabulous weekend, hope the pick turns up.

    PS love the jeep, I miss mine :(

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      We still have our negatives in storage in the states. Hard to even remember life before digital. The next generation is going to be like ‘negatives?!? what are negatives??’ lol

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    I love this, Karah! We’re about the same “vintage” so I could totally relate your items {especially those gawdawful shirts of your husband’s and the JEEP!} I’m from Jersey, but I have stick-straight hair and I don’t even know how one would even use a pick?! Thanks for the pictures, :)

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    We’ve been together .>36 years and we’ve still got stuff–like you can’t walk though the basement unless you like obstacle courses. Pictures. I plan to scan them to digital,.eventually. For now they’re stored in supposedly acid free archive containers and albums. Creative ways to keep the Jeep going! I’m impressed. Take care and enjoy the Caribbean!

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    I’m in the hair pick camp! And mine is ooooold! If it went missing I don’t know what I’d do – we kind of have a bond, you know?! 😉 oh, and Kelly – totally get the teasing comb, too! They giggled? That was a very brave thing to do!

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    I really need to declutter my husband’s closet…he has shirt, pants, Tees, sweatshirts from before I knew him…some dating back to the 70’s! Really? I keep telling him to go through his stuff, but I think I’ll end up doing it myself. Then again, I do have a few clothes from the 80’s I can’t bear to part with…time to get moving? lol
    Debbie :)


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