revamp your kitchen with home depot

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I love having access to such a great home improvement store only a few minutes away.  Since I’m averaging one trip to Home Depot per day, it’s a pretty good thing it’s so close.  :)

I was just there yesterday talking with the associate in the appliance department about some of  their newer options … have you heard of the new slate color for appliances?  I might be in love with it.

Here’s a great video that will show you why Home Depot is my go-to place for our Key West conch home renovation.

Update: The video should be working now, sorry for the confusion.


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    The folks at my Home Depot know me by name. That might not be a good thing! I really should be working there! I love the new slate, although I’ve never seen it in person. That’s definitely what I’ll be going with as soon as I can convince husband that our kitchen sucks.

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      LOL, good luck on the convincing. I’ve learned slow and steady wins the race with Joel, once he shows signs of conceding to an idea I pounce before he changes his mind. hahaha

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