DIY painted tray {it’s a cinch}

Happy Monday!!  We’re talking an easy peasy, super simple, the power of paint type of It’s a Cinch project today.

Thank goodness, because I accidentally crashed my own blog yesterday.  And getting it back together is still a work in progress that is testing my sanity  not an easy task. #notfunatall

If you happen to see anything that looks weird, loads funny or doesn’t work please don’t hesitate to offer to fix it let me know.  😉

Today is also the kick off of our Organizing 101 Series.  Free Stylin’ Beth is talking menu planning today!  Pay her a visit to learn all kinds of great tips!!

power of paint

 And check this out.

power of paint

I was so smitten with the last tray I painted I decided to do another one. :)

I bought a set of 3 bamboo trays shortly after we moved here for about $7.  They are perfect for carrying dinner accessories upstairs when we grill and eat on the roof.

annie sloan chalk paint

Why yes, we do have a grill in our bedroom.  Or, on our roof … however you want to look at it.  Check it out here. :)

The first tray ended up looking like this.

power of paint

For this tray, I skipped the lettering all together and pulled out some brushes I had recently bought at a dollar store (Yay for trips to the states!) and my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint samples and waxes.

power of paint

Sometimes it’s nice to use fancy brushes … and sometimes, when those brushes are drying from a previous use, a pack of 3 brushes found at a dollar store work just as well.

And … that little assembly of supplies is photographed on said project which created the wet brush situation.  More on that soon.  :)

I have adopted the theory that ‘less is more’ as it relates to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I lightly dip my brush in the paint and then scrape any excess off, and then I brush in long strokes along the entire piece, following the grain of the wood.

power of paint

I started with Provence, then Duck Egg, then French Linen, then a light hand sanding, then clear wax with a little, little bit of dark wax mixed in.

Just play around until it looks how you like.  You can’t go wrong.  For me, that’s the easiest kind of project.  I’m not worrying about covering every surface, or creating any uniform look.

Anything goes.  Easy peasy!  Pretty and functional, I think.  :)

And check out the fun projects Andrea, Kelly, Linda and Kari made …

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mercury_glass_pumpkin_project_how_to_directions (2) thumbnail 2


And be sure to get your organizing fix at Free Stylin’ today!  We’re talking time management right here tomorrow.  Organization makes this girl giddy.

power of paint

And you?  What makes you giddy?  Do you heart organization? Or an easy project? Or a dollar store? Or a Patriots win?  :)

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Now do I have to change your title again???? I mean REALLY you just keep getting more and more added to your all ready long title of being awesome at everything! I guess I have to make up another word for you…how about trayatier? do you think webster might approve…a word meaning can turn anything in to a fabulous and wonderful tray that will dazzle everyone? applause and appaws to you once again my recycling magician!!!! hugs…hugs to the M&M gang too and no…I don’t find it hard to believe you add peanut butter to your ice cream…next time take that scoop and microwave it for about 20 seconds and you will then have hot peanut butter syrup on top and it is AWESOME!!!! : )

love the tray ( but of course I do) blog seems to be loading well for me too. What makes me giddy? Probably a yard sale score! I’m always on the look out for pretty pitchers. So if I find one at a yard sale I am giddy! xo

Your blog looked fine…..and it had this really cute post with a tray and dollar store brushes :) It looks like a busy week over here at the blog!

Have a great day rock star.

Everything popped right up Karah. Working good :)

The tray turned out great. We have several too. So handy. Mine are not cute painted wood ones though. This has a much higher cute factor!!

Love the color of the tray and the idea!!! Also your set up is very nice looking…oh and btw…the sidebar is not loading…Love to the furry kids :)


You are one busy lady!!! That tray is adorable and it looks like you will be keeping me busy with projects as well. Thank you for being such a continuous source of inspiration and that proper amount of “get your butt in gear Val!”.

Love how the tray turned out…and I remember your ‘married’ tray, both are awesome. I really need to invest in some Annie Sloan paint & wax…just so hard to find around here. I’ve been making my own and not sure if it turns out right or not.
Great job!! Good luck with your site…
Debbie :)

Oh no…I worry about blowing mine up to smithereens …yours looks great… as if nothing happened….I am glad too as I loved seeing your tray….truly love it!!…Love the urchin..I am sure you found yours on the beach…I had to buy mine in a store :(….Have a wonderful week Karah….hope you are able to get everything fixed…

Ah, that explains it! I was checking my links to your site, got on no problem, and then boom! No Karah :-( So glad you’re up and running again! I’m with Kelly – if you didn’t have your awesome tray filled up with drinks last night, load ‘er up tonight! :-)

What a super cute tray. I’ve never seen the little jars of AS chalk paint. I’d love for you to link this up tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Hope to see you there.