in a perfect home improvement world

In a perfect home improvement world roofs would get finished before walls and walls would get finished before floors and floors would get finished without any dog hair involved.

In a perfect home improvement world new doors would get installed and not require any wood slat patching …

… and I would just know what the right color floor stain was …

… and I would be able to install large pieces of drywall 10 feet high all by my lonesome.

In a perfect home improvement world tarp wouldn’t be covering up the opening to our attic because Joel and I haven’t had any project time together to get the attic insulated so we can slap some drywall up there …

… and our sofa would definitely not be in our side yard covered with another tarp.

But in the real world the living room and dining room floors are happening this week.

Even though our last little window hasn’t arrived and I haven’t been able to finish the drywall and this might not be the order things are supposed to happen.

This is how things are really happening.

Because our window guy seriously messed up his back and his office is near Ft. Myers (7 hours away) and he doesn’t know when he’ll get to Key West with our window.

And the floor guy, who helped us months ago get these guys sanded down, offered to come back to give us one final sanding in preparation for staining.

And he needs to leave town this week and he doesn’t know exactly when he’s coming back.

So we’re doing it.  Forging ahead with whatever projects we can manage.  And making any house guests help along the way … mom meet floor staining, floor meet my mom.  :)

In a perfect home improvement world I would have 10 hands and the strength of the Incredible Hulk and not need any sleep and be satisfied only eating steamed vegetables.

But the real world it is and I’ll take it.

Seriously … THE FLOORS ARE HAPPENING!!!  That means furniture and a living room and living like normal people again.  It’s been a while.  I hope we remember how it works.  :)


  1. Hanna Cage says

    Even if things aren’t perfect, OMG they are so much better than where you started. Seriously, the whole space just BREATHES now. You guys have done an amazing job.

  2. Kristy Rohm says

    Karah…things are never perfect in home improvement…we have had our share of …not really mistakes…but things happening on the wrong day. What matters is that it is all done with the love and help of family and friends!! It is looking awesome!! Love to the furry babies!!

  3. says

    It’s all about the DIY journey, right? Because none of us are ever truly “done”.

    By the way, you totally picked the stain color I was eyeballing from that first swatch photo.

  4. Lynn says

    I got a really good laugh about the dog hair! I have 4 and I’m sure when we do our floors, there will be dog hair involved!

    • says

      hahaha, no matter how hard I try … I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. It. Is. Everywhere. :) I always say it’s a good thing they’re cute, I mean they don’t help bring in the groceries, they don’t ever offer to do laundry and they can’t even clean up their own poop. 😉

  5. says

    Oh my, Karah, what tremendous progress you’ve made since I last visited. I can’t believe this is the same house! Going to be stunning. I don’t know what gremlins have been at work on my computer but your blog hasn’t popped up in my reader for quite some time so I’m definitely going to scan backwards and see if I can get up to speed. Stain color choice is lookin’ good but you and mom probably have some aching backs by now. Hi Karah’s mom … you might want to check in advance before the next visit to see what projects are in Karah’s queue :) I say you gals should be hitting the spa soon! Take care, Robin

  6. says

    Kareh…good to see you again. Next month I am planning to remodel my home. I am glad that I came across to your post and thus learn some new things about home improvement. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

  7. says

    It’s amazing how much you have gotten done in such a short time! It looks fantastic. That’s the way it goes with DIY, right? You gotta roll how it rolls. You guys rock! ~Angela~

    • says

      Miss you, too!! Joel’s holiday party is Moulin Rouge theme, I was just thinking that I could really use your help putting an outfit together for it. xo


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