i’m patio cleaning and you’re $100 winning

I’m stoked to partner with P&G and Lowe’s for this post and giveaway! 聽I’m becoming a fan of throwing $100 bills at you fine folks. 聽:) 聽Now you just have to catch them … think Blake Shelton with chopsticks on the finale of the Voice. 馃槈

Quick question for you … is there anything better than a lazy summer evening spent on your own back patio entertaining friends and family?

I think not.

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So when I was contacted to review some great outdoor cleaning products from P&G I knew it was going to be just the kick in the pants I needed to get our back patio in shape for some summer fun.
patio cleaning with p&g cleaning productsOur backyard actually became our unofficial sanctuary when we first moved in. 聽It was so great to escape out of the jungle of our full house renovation projects.

But even that area got out of control, and the once-was-a-sanctuary quickly became the sit-out-here-at-your-own-risk back patio.

patio cleaning with p&g cleaning productsNobody puts patio furniture in a corner!

Apparently we do. 聽:/

And after about a week of solid rain those beautiful patio chair cushions were looking less than inviting.

patio cleaning with p&g cleaning productsWicked sorry you had to see all that right there.聽聽:/

P&G cleaning products to the rescue for sure! 聽Don’t forget this summer聽when you’re heading to your local Lowe鈥檚 to pick up flowers and citronella candles, you can also grab all of your favorite P&G products, too.

If you’ve been here before you know I’ll try the easy way to do anything. 聽So when I read the instructions on the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro cleaning spray, and saw that even they suggest the lazy way spraying and letting it set, this product and I would soon be besties.

So I just sprayed all of the surfaces and let it set while I raked up all of those omnipresent leaves. 聽Thank you neighbor’s beautiful tree.

And when it came time for wiping … well … just see for yourself.
p&g cleaning products to complete our patio cleaning

Oh Lawd, I’m sorry for that shot right there, too!

The Magic Eraser sponges worked wonders around the edges … you know that little lip that holds the glass up and also serves as a dirt-and-random-grossness-collector.
p&g cleaning products to complete our patio cleaningp&g cleaning products to complete our patio cleaning

And I breezed through some chair cleaning. 聽A spritz with the Outdoor Pro, wait a few, a quick wipe with the Bounty and a little scrub with the Magic Eraser for those tougher spots.

p&g cleaning products to complete our patio cleaningIn my cleaning-is-super-easy delusion I actually thought I could just hose down the seat cushions and be good to go … but once they started to dry (I just laid those suckers out in the hot Key West summer sun), I realized my strategy was flawed.
p&g cleaning products to complete our patio cleaning

Man, oh man, I’m sorry for that there pic, too!

You may know that I’m a homemade laundry detergent girl, but in a pinch, these little Tide Pods are definitely going to come in handy.
p&g cleaning products to complete our patio cleaningWhen I first said to Joel that I was going to do a post about our back patio he said “Are you going to ask one of the neighbors if we can use theirs?” 聽hahaha

And he was dead serious.

But thanks to P&G and Lowe’s, in one short afternoon we have a patio fit for some summer fun! 聽Look at that sparkly clean table top.
after the patio cleaning

We managed to go from scary yard to secret garden.
after the patio cleaningYou can find some great cleaning tips for using your P&G products at聽http://finditatlowes.com.

Because what is better than entertaining friends and family on your own little slice of Earth this summer?

Now my answer …

聽… doing it in a space I’m proud of thanks to P&G and Lowe’s and a short afternoon of whipping this space into shape.
after the patio cleaningI’m happy we found the perfect spot for our very first pallet project on the ivy covered fence.
after the patio cleaning

And check out the tutorial to make your very own pallet art here. 聽And that cute little stenciled tray was made with $1 stencils I found at Wal-Mart, the tutorial for that super simple project is here.

Now for the giveaway!!! 聽Who’s ready for a chance to win $100 Lowe’s gift card and these P&G Products?

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路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Tide Pods
路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Duracell AA Batteries

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  1. Nancy Carr says

    You do a great job at everything you do. Please come over and help me with my patio furniture, too. I love Mr. Clean and especially the Magic Erasers and I life is so much easier with paper towels.

  2. says

    The patio is looking good and I love your chairs. I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I saw your stain color samples on Instagram this week and I want to chime in on that. I noticed that a lot of people were saying darker, darker darker! I normally really like dark floors. But not for a home in Key West and two big dogs. I would recommend that you check out the pickling stain from Minwax (i think it’s Minwax) The floors would be a lovely white/grey/cream blend and would be perfect to disguise dog hair and sand – which would totally stand out on a dark floor. I lived in a rental that had these pickled floors and they were wonderful. They would go with anything that you decided to do with the walls and coordinate with painted floors as well. They also look great with sausalito tiles – another great choice for a Florida lifestyle and look. Anyway – that’s my two cents. Have a great weekend. Hope you get lots of work done!


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