clear primer? say it ain’t so

I’m going to start right out and say that I was more than skeptical when Kilz sent along some of their Kilz Klear for me to try on my newly drywalled walls.*

*Side note – spell checker does not like the use of the word drywall as a verb.  But since I often find myself in the act of drywalling I will insist on continuing to use it in such a manner.  It’s like funner and bestest and those other non-words that really are words.  I apologize to all of the grammar fanatics out there.  :)

I gave you a sneak peek when my cousin was here.  And it really wasn’t my strategy, but I ended up tasking her with the priming and am now realizing that if it hadn’t worked out I would’ve been totally justified in blaming her for her poor application skillz.  :) continue reading