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final steps to a diy shower pan

the final steps of the DIY shower pan … finally

Who's sick of hearing about the DIY shower pan?  :/ There's not even one lonely comment on the last post about the pvc shower liner.  Yeah, I realize this is a bit much for information about one project but I really did want to create a resource where people could follow from start to finish about the project since I had … [read it...]

upcycling idea - picture frame

upcycling idea – one of a kind picture frame {and for some reason some thoughts on religion}

It's been a while since we've talked about a little upcycling idea around here so today we're going to pause with the hard-core home improvement and I'm going to start with my first ever thought published on this blog about religion and that is that I don't really know what I believe.  (How's that for covering a lot of topics in … [read it...]

how to install a pvc shower liner

installing a pvc shower liner {the step I thought was going to be easy}

Alrighty, we're back on track with the shower pan project.  Which is a good thing because the tile is officially on the way.  Which is exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.  I don't know why.  The tile just seems like such a huge part of the final room it just feels like such a big step.  We are so ready for it, but … [read it...]


10 beginner plumbing tips everyone should know

Hey guys!  We actually just got back from 10 days away, up to Maine visiting family and completely unwinding without cell or internet for a few of those days. Sorry for the crickets in the comments and on social media.  Speaking of crickets, we didn't really see much wildlife on our vacation (that transition works, right?), … [read it...]


real world renovation realities – primitive & proper

We kicked off the idea to ask some of my favorite bloggers to share their real world renovation realities so we could all commiserate about the inevitable ups and downs of our projects with Southern Hospitality.  Well, do I have a treat for you today.  Happy day to you, btw. One of the surprising things that has come out of … [read it...]

how to DIY a shower pan preslope

how to DIY a shower pan preslope {and do you even need one?}

If you missed all of the preparation and planning steps, stop on over here first to get started. Now, in prep for this I may have watched every You Tube video and read every tutorial known to man on the topic of how to DIY a shower pan preslope.  I even asked some questions on the Sakrete blog, spent an entire afternoon in Home … [read it...]

upcycling idea - DIY pallet slat flag

upcycling idea – a pallet project from the book!

Hey guys!! Today is a little break from the master bathroom renovation project to share an actual tutorial from the book! This is not like the pallet project fail I shared already.  This is one of those upcycling ideas for a pallet that is simple to assemble, requires remedial painting skills (so I can do it!) and makes a … [read it...]

framing a shower bench

how to DIY a shower pan {preparation and planning}

Hey guys!  I took a little blog vacation last week that started off with my 38th birthday, a Red Sox baseball game (and win!) and meeting Nene Leakes.  And ended with me declaring victory over the learning curve of how to DIY a shower pan.  Thank goodness. Other title contender's for this post include "third time's a charm" … [read it...]


Pretty Handy Girl and I, were we separated at childhood?

Hi, my friends!  I'm going to go unplugged this week and enjoy a little staycation that is all about progress on the house but I have something fun for you today so grab a cocktail coffee.  A fellow "hardcore" DIYer and I got together a little bit ago to put together a fun little Q&A session.  You see, I was talking to … [read it...]

master bedroom renovation

master bathroom renovation – that stage when everything is just hard

Yep, that's right. It's that stage of a renovation where everything just seems hard. That is meant as much less of a complaint than it is a statement of fact. So far we've gone from planning to demolition to surviving the detail demolition work to making all finishes and fixtures decisions to making all of those other decisions … [read it...]

2 light vanity light

10+ 2 light vanity light options – by popular demand, because you guys are smarter than me

Ok, seriously.  I was really hung up on the vanity lighting thing and you guys helped me put it all in perspective.  Like immediately.  Funny how that happens, right?!?! I really, really, really wanted two lights, but for some reason talked myself into that being too much for the small space.  But the comments about it looking … [read it...]