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the kindest thing you can say to the owner of an aging pet

Hey guys!  Happy Black Friday!!  I have a little story to tell so I thought the lazy day after a holiday when we're all nursing our self-induced food comas would be the perfect day to just chat while lounging in my yoga pants and craving another turkey sandwich. The sad reality is that we know going into it that we will, most … [read it...]

driftwood tree with beads

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!  Wanted to give you a quick Thanksgiving Day shout out!!  I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  I hope you can either, a) chill out in your favorite spot all day like Marley or, b) come home covered in beads like you've had a fun night on Duval street ... like the driftwood Christmas tree.  :) Cheers … [read it...]

wood slat walls

inexpensive DIY wood slat walls

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  I can say, that my holiday spirit is still fully intact.  I'm not so sure about our newspaper delivery person, though, as my poor poinsettia on the porch is the perfect landing spot for the paper.  :/ Joel says I'm going to kill it anyway so maybe they're just doing me a favor.  :)  He thinks … [read it...]

master bedroom bed

and then we started living like grown ups again

We did it!  After 2 years, 4 months and 14 days ... we don't sleep on the floor anymore! Side note:  For everyone asking about cleaning the new ceiling fan, I've officially done it.  Once the bed frame was all assembled I took a feather duster type of thing to the paddles on the ceiling fan and it worked great.  We sanded … [read it...]

master bedroom ceiling fan

does this ceiling fan make my room look big?

Hey there!  We're chugging along in the master bedroom and we're thisclose to moving back into that room for good. Don't worry that the curtains are too short and there isn't even a bed to go along with the headboard. The fact that it even resembles a room, where people might actually find solace at the end of the day, is a … [read it...]


do you feel it too?

You guys!  I really can't explain it.  But I am totally pumped for the holiday season this year.  I think it hits me different every year.  Does that happen to you? Some years the holidays just seem to come and go as pretty regular days, and then some years, like this year, I am just so into the spirit of the season I kind of … [read it...]


easy to install rolling door hardware

You guys!  This is one of those components of the master bathroom renovation that I have been not-so-patiently awaiting.  It's like the one thing that I have been anticipating the most, probably because I knew it had to wait until pretty much the end of the project.  And because I've had the hardware staring me down since … [read it...]

guest bedroom

simple MDF craftsman style trim – an update

Hey hey!  Hope you're having a great week.  I'm plugging away at sanding, priming and painting in the master bedroom and if you follow along on Instagram you know that we've added even more wood slat walls to this house. We're also going to have some niches for a few favorite photos on that wall between the bedroom and the … [read it...]

freestanding tub and wall mount faucet

the freestanding tub and wall mount faucet & taking senior pictures in Key West

Well, it happened. My first bath here. And it was glorious.  And no, I haven't been in the tub for the last two weeks.  We've been having a lot of fun with family visiting (7 people over 10 days to be exact) and then the week that was Fantasy Fest here in Key West.  If you don't know Fantasy Fest, google it, and don't blame me … [read it...]

monogrammed shampoo bottle in the master bathroom

those two other times I mismeasured

I'm beginning to feel like Roger Clemens in front of the grand jury talking about his history with performance enhancing drugs ... and his tendency to misremember. I have the same tendency to mismeasure. It's incurable. I don't really get it. It just happens. Luckily it is one of those things that doesn't really matter in DIY. … [read it...]

rain shower head and valve installation

trough style sink faucets and a rain shower head and valve, you know, the bathroom bling

There were many aspects of this master bathroom renovation that were really up in the air until they actually happened.  I'm not really the type to create a mood board and search for things that fit the design.  I tend to roll with the punches and make decisions as it all unfolds. But I just knew from the get go that we wanted … [read it...]