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diy reclaimed wood frames

upcycling idea: DIY reclaimed wood framed mirrors

How about some basically free DIY reclaimed wood frames for you? This is a classic case of someone's trash becoming my treasure.  On an innocent little walk around the neighborhood many months ago I noticed a neighbor clearing out a lot of old wood and other goodies from her property and stacking it on the street for garbage … [read it...]

rustic bathroom vanity and mirrors

just some photos of our new rustic bathroom

You know what I learned about myself during this specific renovation? And I don't know why I didn't know it before.  I've never really put too much thought into what my personal style was I guess.  I know I've just always veered toward the rustic and collected versus the contemporary and trendy.  But I never really knew exactly … [read it...]

tips for tiling a bathroom with marble tile

tiling a bathroom shower with marble tile

Hey hey!  So this post has taken on a mind of its own.  I've been getting a lot of questions about the tile (isn't it great!) and the whole process of tiling a bathroom with marble tile so I figured I needed to get all of my thoughts out to the world before they escaped my little brain.  Who knew I had so many thoughts on … [read it...]

fall front porch decorating ideas

a little fall porch party #EclecticallyFall

Hey there!  Happy happy Friday!  If you're here with the #EclecticallyFall House Tour from The Wood Grain Cottage, welcome! If you're a regular around here, welcome! Heck, if you typed the space between in Google looking for the lyrics of the DMB song, welcome!  It's a good day to be here because I'm hosting a party on my … [read it...]

pallet bench and shutter

DIY wood shutters {and a day I never really ever imagined}

Hey hey!  Things are trucking right along in the bathroom department ... I may have just sent Joel this text saying "I know, I know ... I'm getting a little ahead of myself". Yep, I'm already messing around with decorating and organizing ... but the sinks aren't even hooked up yet ... and you might notice there aren't any … [read it...]


the turning point in the master bathroom renovation

You guys!  This weekend was the most exciting weekend in the master bathroom renovation so far. By far. I can't really explain it all, but the moment the finishing touches start happening is the same moment a renovation starts to feel like a real room.  And ghost face and I installed the vanity lights! Actually, ghost … [read it...]

use Olympic Rescue It! on a concrete wall

one more little exterior painting post with videos

Hey hey!  I'm here today with another Friday quickie.  Wait.  That didn't come out right. As for how the bathroom is going ... I'm taking the grouting process one day at a time as I tend to get sloppy if I rush or try to put too much pressure on myself to just get it done already.  And while, yes, I am … [read it...]

long octagon gray dot marble tile

Carrara Bianco Honed Long Octagon Bardiglio Gray Dot Mosaic Marble Tile

That's it.  The full name of the master bathroom floor tile in all its glory.  And you guys are crushing on it as much as I am.  I've discussed the tile decision here and little more here.  And it wasn't until I saw this tile that I finally decided to succumb to my marble tile desire.  I had never seen anything like it before … [read it...]

exterior painting progress

and in other news, more exterior painting progress

Hey guys!  Tiling is going strong around here.  And by that I mean Joel and I knocked out the floor in about 7 hours on Saturday before we drove to Miami. (Might not be my recommended strategy for everyone ... just ask my lower back, and knees and every other aching body part.)  Thank you so much for the input on laying the … [read it...]

laying irregular tile

laying irregular floor tile {what would you do?}

Hey hey!  Happy Friday!  I'm popping in with quick little what would you do question.  You know I like to get your opinion on things that are really stumping me.  And at the end of the day yesterday I had the entire new master bathroom cleared out and I started playing around with the floor tile.  Its Carrera marble in a mosaic … [read it...]


talking tile and other bathroom stuff

You know, when this master renovation project began I had visions of creating these all-inclusive checklists of what to do and in what order if you, too, want to tackle this project.  But the reality is that my mind just does not work that way.  In the way that is clear and concise and orderly.  Its rhythm is more of a roller … [read it...]