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Pretty Handy Girl and I, were we separated at childhood?

Hi, my friends!  I'm going to go unplugged this week and enjoy a little staycation that is all about progress on the house but I have something fun for you today so grab a cocktail coffee.  A fellow "hardcore" DIYer and I got together a little bit ago to put together a fun little Q&A session.  You see, I was talking to … [read it...]

master bedroom renovation

master bathroom renovation – that stage when everything is just hard

Yep, that's right. It's that stage of a renovation where everything just seems hard. That is meant as much less of a complaint than it is a statement of fact. So far we've gone from planning to demolition to surviving the detail demolition work to making all finishes and fixtures decisions to making all of those other decisions … [read it...]

2 light vanity light

10+ 2 light vanity light options – by popular demand, because you guys are smarter than me

Ok, seriously.  I was really hung up on the vanity lighting thing and you guys helped me put it all in perspective.  Like immediately.  Funny how that happens, right?!?! I really, really, really wanted two lights, but for some reason talked myself into that being too much for the small space.  But the comments about it looking … [read it...]

Chip Wade HGTV host

real world renovation realities – southern hospitality {and a little Haven}

Hey hey!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned here on the blog this year that I attended a blog conference last weekend called Haven?  I did!  It's geared toward DIY and home related blogs and it is always fun to connect in person with my blog friends and just talk all things blog, house and DIY for 3 straight days.  I guess you … [read it...]

master bathroom inspiration

can we just talk about making decisions for a second?

Hey you guys!!  Hope your week is starting off well.  I feel like we've made it through the survival of the fittest stage (and we survived!) of the master bathroom renovation and one thing I've realized is that long after the physical tiredness and soreness fades the mental struggles continues to be challenging and around every … [read it...]

reclaimed wood sign

another reclaimed wood sign idea {seas the day}

Before we turned our main living areas into a closet slash tool shed slash everything-that-needs-to-go-somewhere-landing-zone combo room that plays World Cup soccer games non-stop (or however you would grammatically correctly write that statement) I showed you this. And you guys like the SEAS THE DAY sign.  Thanks!  Yes, I … [read it...]

master bathroom renovation

master bathroom vanity lights – what would you do?

Hey guys!  Hope you're having a great week! We have been plugging away with progress in our master bathroom and we are both kind unexpectedly giddy about how it's coming together.  Momentum is a funny thing and sometimes at this stage of a project when everything is ugly it's hard to stay positive and motivated.  But we just … [read it...]

master bathroom inspiration

narrowing down all of the choices in 3 simple steps

I don't know about you, but I definitely don't need all of the options that we have available to us.  That's a general statement and not really specific to our master renovation.  We actually confirmed this while living on the island of Curacao.  Some move down to the islands and don't find all of the usual products and brands … [read it...]

removing cut nails

removing cut nails, otherwise known as the time the house almost won

Howdy!  How's your week going?  Remember when I said that we are in that stage where I consider every single task a competition between me and this house? It's like I'm trying to be an American Ninja Warrior and this house is my course.  Don't worry that my "pantry" is practically in my work space.  I'm pretty sure I have dust … [read it...]

master renovation

master bathroom remodel – survival of the fittest

That's right.  This is that stage in any demolition where I feel like this old house and I have engaged in battle of wills.  But I am determined to win. Right now nothing associated with this master bathroom remodel looks pretty.  Which stinks sometimes. Many of the projects turn into multi-step ordeals that take so much … [read it...]

pallet walkway

diy pallet walkway, one huge project fail

Happy Friday everyone!  How about that soccer game yesterday?!?!  U-S-A!  It wasn't a win but it was enough to advance.  Who wants to watch with me Tuesday at 4 (eastern time) when we play Belgium?  :) We are all consumed with the World Cup, we just can't quit it.  Luckily master renovation prep work like ripping up floors and … [read it...]