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Really … serious question here.

What makes someone a friend?  Or, even a good friend?

Do you consider your family your friends?

Have you ever gone 5, or even 10 years without talking to a friend?

Do you have a lot of friends?

I’ve always said that I’m definitely not the person to give the shirt off my back to just anyone…but I would do absolutely anything for a select few.

Now, I’m not going to go divulging who those select few are … I don’t need them getting all needy all of a sudden.  😉

But, here is some criteria I like to use as a guide when determining who are my good friends.

1) Will you rearrange your work schedule to help me work on my DIY projects?

2) Will you come and work on my DIY projects on your days off even though it turns out I made an appointment with a contractor at a different house so I wouldn’t even be there with you?

3) When we are supposed to be priming and painting together will you continue to work diligently while I take breaks when other friends (who aren’t helping in any way whatsoever) stop over to say hi?

If you answered “Yes” to all 3 questions above please proceed to the “Friend Application” at the end of this post.  Please note, references will be checked.*

*I am currently living in a town with exactly one friend, my husband, who I’m sure is pretty darn sick of me always being around right about now.  So this whole friend application thing is a joke.  If you’d like to be friends I will buy you an all expense paid trip to Key West!**
**Ok, that’s not true either.  😉

Actually, if you answered yes to the 3 questions above your name is Sue and you are already my BFF.
You might remember from our rental property to-do list that I needed to ‘paint a bedroom’ at a rental house we affectionately call the Taj Mahal.

And I was super excited to get to try out the new Dutch Boy Refresh paint.  It’s low-odor and zero-VOC!  Better for the peeps and the planet.

And … they have a really cool container which makes pouring a breeze.  I have to admit, I love the screw top cap feature too … no more searching around for a screwdriver or paint can opener.  :)
paintI chose a color called Sandy Oasis (DW14) in a satin finish and I love how it turned out.

One coat was plenty over newly primed walls.

And this next picture is proof that just because the walls are painted, a beautiful after photo does that not automatically make.  :/

We are definitely still in the middle on this room upgrade.  We’ve got the whole ceiling issue to contend with.  Have you ever worked on cracked, bare plaster walls/ceilings?  I’m trying to come up with an economical and not-too-time-consuming solution … other than the usual caulk-the-cracks-and-then-skim-coat-the-entire-surface-with-spackle approach.

Any ideas?

And how about an easy solution to all of the drywall dust? #good.ness.

But, in the mean time, here’s a shot of the new Dutch Boy painted walls with the awesome trim work around the fireplace surround with a random side table, mirror and hydrangea for good measure.
Don’t you just love old woodwork?

And, because what is a painting post without at least one nugget of painting knowledge, here’s my paint rolling strategy dumbed down to two pictures.

Tip!!! Put more paint on the roller than you think you want and then start painting in the middle of the wall so you can roll over the excess paint to maximize your coverage per roll of paint.

And my favorite tip, paint with a friend.  If nothing else, you’ll definitely have more fun.

Thanks Sue.  xo

What are your favorite tried and true painting tips?  Are your friends helpful with the DIY, or are you better off going it alone?  Can I have the shirt off your back?  😉

Check out how I transformed the look of the kitchen counters and cabinets with a little paint, too.

*Dutch Boy sent me the Refresh paint to blog about, but the opinions expressed here are always my own.  You can read my full disclosure here.


  1. Christa says

    Invest in a clean 5 gallon bucket (you can usually pick these up from construction friends!) and a metal paint screen that hooks over the side of the bucket (a few dollars at your local hardware store) to roll your paint roller over to distribute paint evenly and remove excess paint – this is the best way to paint with a roller. No worries about stepping in the paint tray!!! Also, when you need a break just cover the bucket w/ some aluminum foil and the paint will wait.
    Happy Painting!

  2. says

    let me first say i am THRILLED that your whole post, pictures included, were in my reader. i HATE having to click to read as i prefer to read in my reader and then click over to leave my comment. secondly, sue is a sucker…. i hope she doesn’t read this… 😉

  3. says

    Wrap your roller in a plastic shopping bag or plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge when you are ready for a break – the paint will stay wet and ready for you to get going again.

    As for that ceiling, the first thing that popped into my head was a planked ceiling. Cheat with a few sheets of mdf ripped into boards. Stain or paint on the ground. Construction adhesive and few well-placed nails and voila! Crappy plaster gone!

  4. says

    BFF Sue: priceless and irreplaceable

    Fav Paint Tip: I have a post on my blog related to this but my top 3 … 1) paint with disposable gloves on, when the phone rings or you have to go to the bathroom, or other, peel off gloves and no worries about fingerprints all over, 2) baby wipes are the best wet and dried paint clean up tool since they are pre-moistened and are designed to be absorbent, always keep a box by my side when painting, 3) take Julie’s idea above but seal the plastic wrap super well and a brush or roller can hang out in the fridge easily for up to a week {latex paint only} until you recover enough to finish the job!

    Ceiling: Nail up some furring strips on the ceiling {1″ thick will do} and use those to either glue or nail bead board or some other material to create a simple drop ceiling … this is also a great approach if you need an electrician to run wiring for new lights etc and you don’t want to deal with the issue of the plaster … just run the conduit on the old ceiling and then drop the new ceiling to conceal.

    Hope you’re enjoying Key West :)

    • says

      The drop ceiling idea is a popular one … we’ll need to consider it for sure. And we have been known to keep paint brushes in the fridge for months. LOL

  5. says

    Your friend is amazing. I have never used Dutch Boy but the container is fantastic. How would you rate the paint over all?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. says

    My tip is…
    No matter how tired you are, wipe down the walls and let them dry.
    (Recently had a Command Strip hook pull off the wall tearing the layers of paint right off with it. hubby says at one point the wall must have been painted without properly washing and priming the wall.)

    And, primer (tinted to the color of your paint) is your friend.
    (I love Behr, but that’s just me. And, I really like that screw top lid on the DB. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of the coverage.)

    I use a screw top ziplock lunch container for my “cutting in” paint.
    (That way I can screw the lid back on and continue layer without it drying out. And, it has grippy indents for your fingers…so when you are tired you won’t accidentally drop it. Don’t ask. lol)

    I might give you the shirt off my back if you were visiting here in Chicago.
    But, down in Florida…I don’t think I would be wearing layers…so no go 😉
    ~ Dana

    • says

      Hahaha about the shirt! I love the idea of a screw top ziplock lunch container for the cutting in. Especially with the grippy indents … I can’t imagine how you know about accidentally dropping it. 😉

  7. says

    Hey Karah! Back in the States and loving it, I’m sure?! I’m no expert on cement and that sort of stuff, but I do know that if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of height in the room, hubby could frame the ceiling with battens and adhere gyproc (drywall) sheets to them. This will save on such a lot of unnecessary time and effort, and make your lives that much easier. You’d have to fit architrave molding around the edges to ‘finish’ it off, but I think it will improve the look of the room and go with your beautiful fireplace surround. A nice chandelier too perhaps? My hubby says to leave enough space between the gyproc sheets and the cement ceiling for electrical wiring. I know this is the option I would choose to hide a bad-job ceiling!

    Another tip for helping remove most of the dust. If you buy a cheap workshop vacuum cleaner, you can attach the hose part to your gyproc hand sander, and it will remove at least 85% of the dust particles. And don’t forget to use dust sheets when sanding, and seal off areas where it can shift around into other rooms, such as under the door. And mask up yourself! Most important. :) Gyproc-ing is the one area my hubs has become an expert in!! The other is me! 😉 (I’m a hard tasker.)

    Have fun and keep inspiring us mere mortals.

    heather x

    • says

      THANK YOU for the idea … I love the vacuum attached to the sander idea and I don’t think losing a little bit of height would be a big deal. I really appreciate the suggestion … and I don’t believe for a minute you are a mere mortal!! :)

  8. says

    I think I love that pour spout and screw on cap! On my list to try… oh, and could I borrow Sue? I promise I’ll be sweet and give her lots of wine (or coffee or whatever she wants) to have her help me paint!
    xo Heidi
    PS — consider the friend application completed. :)

    • says

      Hahaha, thanks for filling out the friend application. 😉 And now I need to add to my friend requirement list ‘will allow me to pimp them out to other friends’. :)


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