our most used tool so far {the pry bar}

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said “thank goodness for this little pry bar” I’d at least have ten cents be loaded.  :)

But seriously, these little guys have proven invaluable so far in our full house renovation process.

It’s no secret, I’m a big fan of all things power tool, but if you’re looking to make a little investment in a tool and you have some demolition or building projects in your future I highly recommend both the flat edged pry bar and the nail puller, we call the cat’s paw, with more claw-like ends.

And, as you’ll see in these pics, they are most effective when used with a hammer.

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Here are just a few of the ways we’ve put these babies to use so far.

1 – Remove nails from old drywall.

use a pry bar to remove nails from old drywall

use a pry bar to remove nails from old drywall

2 – Separate layers of wall and remove old drywall.

use a pry bar to remove drywall

3 – Remove any kind of trim and molding.

remove baseboards with a pry bar

remove any trim and molding with a pry bar

4 – Remove tile.

remove tile with a pry bar

5 – Remove nails from wood.

clawed pry bar removed nails from wood

6 – Remove short wood slats.  (For the longer wood slats #5 definitely works better … unless you’re the incredible hulk.)

remove wood slats with a pry bar

7 – Pry out studs and other framing boards.

remove studs and other framing boards with a pry bar

8 – Remove the metal track for drop ceilings.

use a pry bar to remove drop ceiling track

9 – Loosen rusty screws.

loosen rusty screws with a pry bar

10 – Pry up the corner of a carpet for removal.

11 – Remove carpet tack strips.

remove carpet tack strips with a pry bar

12 – Remove carpet pad staples.

remove carpet pad staples with a pry bar

13 – Use as a scraper in a pinch.

scraping with a pry bar

14 – Remove paneling. This short video shows how we’ve used it to remove all of our paneling so far … even those sections that are held together with those annoying, and seemingly indestructible, little seam connectors. Nothing will stop me from de-panelizing this house. :)

We’ve also used the pry bar to scooch tight-fitting studs and trim as we try to get them in just the right spot.  And we tend to push and pull it every which way to manipulate it to do what we want.

multiple uses for a pry bar

She’s definitely the tool we keep closest at hand these days.

What’s your go to tool right now?


  1. says

    The good old pry bar, We have three different sizes. My go to tool for demo is “the chisel”. I have very small hands and the chisel seems to be a better size for me than a pry bar. I have used them for everything from chipping off brick mortar to removing tile.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. says

    Hi Karah, What a challenge you have and I have enjoyed watching all you are doing. I have to say you are one lucky gal wearing sandals while using the claw. I used to do the same thing until a difficult nail caused the claw to drop, and onto my toe! Major ouch…..broken toes ouch. Please be careful, even though those sandals look mighty comfortable!

  3. says

    When I first moved into my house I used the pry bar so much I felt like it was an extension of my arm. Greatest tool ever. Wish I could remember where it was…


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