month in minutes {november 2012}

Thanksgiving.  Yep, that happened.  Oh right … and the first two-thirds of December.  That happened.

And in just a couple of weeks  I’m going to be saying “2012.  Yep, that happened”.

I try not to say it every month, but seriously, time is a flyin’.  Who’s ready for Christmas?  Yeah, me either.  :/

So here’s a belated look back at what we called November 2012, a review of the month in minutes.  :)


message in a bottle – it’s not really home related, but after so many homes were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, and other than sending money I didn’t feel close enough to do anything helpful … I decided to send a message of hope in a bottle.  Why not?
11 DIY Christmas ornaments – links to our tutorials for fun, festive and sentimental DIY Christmas ornaments
random acts of kindness advent tree –  a FREE advent tree idea to count down the days to Christmas by spreading some love
10 DIY gift ideas – last year I gave driftwood Christmas trees to many family and friends, here is a list of a few items to get you inspired to DIY a few gifts this year.
JOY winter leaf wreath – have a fall wreath that could be updated with a little white spray paint for winter?


For all you budget travelers out there, I shared our top-secret list of 8 must have items to pack to help you save money on your next trip.

budget traveler's survival guide


We started out by celebrating our first year here in style and in doing so I thought it’d be fun to share 31 random things about me, my blog and I.  I know, weird.  Speaking of weird …
31 things

So we had to follow it up by sharing a few random things about all of you.  I asked and you answered a few fun questions in an accidentally not-so-anonymous survey … not survery.  😉

We actually had quite a bit of life happening around here in November.  After all, it is the month of thankfulness and we have a lot to be thankful for.  And we sure are thankful for that.  And you, we’re incredibly thankful for you to share this space with. I do know that for sure. :)

And as soon as our vacations and family visits were over I mourned the empty house started focusing on the work at hand.  A handful of DIY projects at a rental house we have, to be more specific, and I started to get mentally prepared for home improvement.

For the last two weeks I have been trying to tackle a few long overdue projects and I am really looking forward to sharing them all with you.  I will tell you, it felt good to work with a power saw again.  :)

How did November wind up for you?  Find yourself entertaining any house guests? Preparing for any big projects?  Cradling your brother-in-law like a baby?  (Yeah, I feel like that one might just be me.  Lucky you, Carl!)


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    November…that seems so long ago! I know I was busy at work, but other than that I can’t remember anything about that month. Our Thanksgiving is in October (I do remember that weekend!), nothing really important stands out. Oh, my sister, daughter & husband all had birthdays…

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