art {framed stencils and coral}

Hey, hey!  Happy Hump Day!

Right now I am on a flight to Miami…or waiting in the airport for my delayed flight.  I would say there’s equal probability of each option.  Sigh.

But there’s a cutie patootie nephew at the other end of the journey, so I’m stoked either way.  You saw a sneak peek of #5 here.

Who am I kidding, that post was in November so the only people who saw it were #5’s dad – because I sent it to him, my mom, and maybe 3 others.  😉

Aaaanyway, I thought of a few more It’s a Cinch ideas for you.
Remember those stencils I used for the signs?
Well, I actually used them as decor in the gallery wall.
I just think they’re pretty cool … copper … attachable (to each other) … the perfect little bit of metallic in a pretty organic looking gallery wall.  Dare I call it juxtaposition?  😉

The frame was actually another Goodwill ugly beauty.
 Nothing a little paint couldn’t fix.
And a little poster putty (as I learned from my dear friend Sue to be the appropriate name for the orange tacky stuff).
Or, what about gluing some sort of nature to painted cardboard in a frame?

Could it get any it’s a cinchier, really?

These are just random pieces of different types of coral (not alive…please don’t ever touch live coral!) that I’ve picked up around this little island.
The frame is an old one my mom gave me.  And the backing is just cardboard cut to size and painted.

Are you aware of how wonderfully cardboard paints?  Just wonderfully, I tell you.  (Who even talks like that?)
And I used the same adhesive I used here.  And voila!
Easy peasy and artsy fartsy!  :)

Or … oh, check out these ideas from ReFresh ReStyle

Debbie covered up seasonal wording on a vase in a really easy upgrade here.  And, that crafty Debbie also made these little Easter treats…did you say chocolate and peanut butter?  Yes please!

And due to my little trip (please let me be in the air over the Atlantic right now) I apologize for being late to respond to comments…or anything else for that matter in the next few days.

Update:  To learn all about the MISSION: POSSIBLE link party series click here and for more It’s a Cinch project ideas click here.  Thanks!  :)

Hopefully you’re It’s a Cinch wheels are turning.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all linked up on March 27th!

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    Enjoy your visit! You’re giving me ideas for additions to my Gallery Wall and that’s great, because I’ve been treating it as a “real art” only kind of wall, and it needs more flair and personality! Given how you’ve got me thinking, maybe I’ll find out that “It’s a Cinch” is possible :) Don’t waste a second responding to this comment … your assignment right now is having the best family visit ever!

  2. says

    My goodness, your gallery wall is so full of great projects! Just when I think I’ve seen it all, you reveal another fun idea! I love the copper letters AND the coral!

    I hope your having fun with number 5 by now!! No need to respond to my comment at all. Just enjoy your time with the cutie! :)

  3. says

    Love the stencils and the way you’ve displayed them. The whole wall is very attractive. I stopped by from Debbiedoo’s and so glad I did.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  4. says

    What is so delightful about your gallery wall is that you have so many unique goodies on the wall! The stencils are a big fun element! I am thinking of putting a gallery wall going up my stairs. You are very inspiring!

  5. cheripeoples says

    OH my goodness–where did you find those cool letters??? Featuring them in the morning.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  6. says

    I am featuring you on 6-7-2012. Also I bid and won some of these (on e-bay) I told you I really loved them. My boxes are in really bad shape and stink of mold so I need to trash the boxes but I got a few different sizes.



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