i asked and you answered

And can I just tell you that you guys had me cracking up.

You are funny!

And kind.

And so thoughtful to say such nice things about this here blog.

You rock my world.

You know who you are.  You “forever 21”, “way too many kids”, “red-neck girl”, “crazy cat lady”, “young at heart”, “lettuce green” loving people.

You are my people.

Or I am your people.  Or something.  :)

Now, I am way too easily distracted to take your answers and poke and prod them into fancy charts with exacting measurements and mind boggling statistics.

So I’m going to point out a few observations that had me smiling, laughing, cracking up even, making Joel wonder what the heck was so funny on my little computer.  :)

First, I am honored by exactly how many of you left your names.  I had intended the survey to be anonymous, but when I start out by asking your name I guess that’s hard to do.  Oops. :)*

*btw – this survey is totally not anonymous.  maybe I’ll get it better next year.

But you still shared so many great details about who you are.

19% of you live outside of the US and/or dream of travel and a beachy life.

My people!!

We had Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean represented in addition to pretty much every corner of the good ol’ US of A.  I think that’s so cool.  :)

I don’t know why it makes me so happy that so many of you are, let’s say, a ‘mature’ audience.  That’s humbling to me.  You are people experienced in life, and years.  And you’ve lived, and seen so many things in life … and you’re choosing to read this here blog.  My heart swells with gratitude.*

*We won’t put a percentage on that, I’ll let you choose if you think you’re in this category or not. :)

Now that’s not to say I’m not totally in love with all you gals who are closer to my age.  You know who you are, we’re like cousins … and we get to hang out regularly with all of our cool aunts.  Fun!

I also got excited to see a pretty even disbursement of answers to what you want to see more of on the blog.  You know I’m all about the projects.  But sometimes a little life rambling and island photo indulgence is just fun. :)

And I don’t feel like we’ve tackled any real complex DIY on here.  You all know about the breadbox, and I’m not all that into working on someone else’s house.  But, lucky for you us, I’ve got a handful of more ‘home improvement’ types of projects coming up in the next few months.  Let’s say a little prayer now that all goes well, k?  :)

*a big prayer may be in order, I’ll take whatever you got to offer.  :)

And now let us, you and me, have a discussion about color, shall we?

Seriously, can you guys just pick a favorite color already?!?

35% of you are undecided, ever evolving or have more than one favorite color.  The most colors anyone listed was 12.  LOL  It makes me laugh to type it.  #isitafavoriteifthereare12?  😉

But one of the most creative answers was definitely “On the plate? Green, orange … and grill marks.”  Awesome!  I’m adding ‘grill marks’ to the list of colors I need to use in my lifetime.  :)

The majority (see, I’ve already given up figuring out the percentage) love the blues, greens, aquas and turquoises of the world.  I can’t say as I blame you.  Green is my favorite color, too.

And, because I haven’t done a good job of putting pictures in this post, and you know I love anything with a puppy in it, check this out.
For your eye candy satisfaction today you should definitely head over to my friend Heather’s blog, Setting for Four, to check out her Christmas Tree Color Scheme inspiration.

Maybe it’ll help a few of you narrow down a favorite.  😉

And thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for filling out my silly little survey.  It sure is great having you around.

And, random fact, not a one boy filled out the survey … or own up to his manhood I guess I should say.  Maybe next year.  :/

And just for the record, every time I type random (just did it again) I type randome and every time I type survey I type survery.  It’s what Dr. Avery does on Grey’s … survery. #notsurewhatmyproblemis


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      Ack … I’m trying. :) Two weeks of house guests has been taking priority, but I’m hoping to get through the pic and get them posted this week. Fingers crossed.

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    Hey Karah Yeah I’m one of the more mature (72) blog readers that filled out the survey. I enjoy your humor, pretty much anything you put on your blog. Hey it’s your blog, shouldn’t you get to say what you want to put on it? Seems to me you should.

    When my kids (4) were growing up we usually had a bunch of kids at our house hanging out. I learned so much from them. Just cause I was an “adult” didn’t mean I knew more or better than they did. We hung out at the sand bar (at Colorado River outside Yuma,AZ) with them when they were all in their 20’s, getting out on their own, we really enjoyed all of them. They all said they liked having us hang out with them. (This was when we lived in east county of San Diego in late 80’s and 90, 91. In 92 we moved to Mt.

    . I look at my kids and think they’re pretty cool human beings. i wonder how they got so smart. They’re a different generation after mine. My kids are now 52, will be 50 on 12/21, 48 and 42. They’re all good people, do well in life, were brought up by two very naive parents who taught them morals, honesty, common sense, be nice and hard working. Think we did a pretty decent job with them. We’re not wealthy, educated except in life.

    That must have been a heck of a job reading all the results from the survey. I enjoyed filling it out. I enjoy human nature and am always entertained, educated, interested in people. When I make a friend, a person stays that way with me unless they give me a reason not to. i so enjoy reading the blogs, seeing/hearing about their kids, whatever comes along daily. IT’s like a giant taste of humanity and education.

    I’ll continue to be a subscriber and read your blog. I will enjoy vicariously thru you living on an island.

    My favorite color is aqua and various shades of it.

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      Wow, so great to hear about your experience with your kids and life. I do think people of all ages can teach us all a little something. Thank you so much for being a reader. I really LOVE having you around!!!

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    What fun you must have had reading all the responses! And what a fun post this is, I totally forget what my answers were so it is neat to see what others replied. Thanks for sharing!
    Debbie :)

  3. szinteriors says

    Fun! Thanks for sharing the results… and I’m just sayin’ that I may or may not fit into a certain category… like maybe just barely… I may or may not! 😉


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