house tour {in curacao} where emily’s family met the bachelors

Hey, hey!!  Here’s to the beginning of ‘this week {in curacao}‘.  It really is so exciting for many on this little island to see it in the spotlight on such a big stage. And I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to bring you a closer look at a few houses you saw on the Bachelorette, filmed here in Curacao.


Sooooo, did you watch the Bachelorette finale last night?!?!  Recognize this house?  Where Jef and Arie met Emily’s family.

I got to take a first hand look around.  So exciting for me!!  And YOU!  Seriously, this is such a fun week around here.  :)

Here’s a closer look at one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen.  If only I had the photography skills to do it justice.  :)


This home belongs to our friends, Jack and Susie.  A HUGE Thank you!! to Susie for letting me in and an equally huge thank you!! to Norah for showing me around.  And, I do apologize for my broken Spanish.  Lo siento, mi amiga! :)

When you arrive at the property you are instantly greeted by the beautiful, rustic Latin American influenced architecture and design that leads to the center courtyard and fountain.  The floor tiles from Colombia throughout had me at hello!
bachelorettebachelorettebacheloretteOff one side of the courtyard is the beautiful kitchen with the solid stone vent surround and wonderful floor to ceiling tile.
bacheloretteThe kitchen opens up to the very inviting living and dining area, on the waterfront side of the home.

Recognize that bird from the Bachelorette??  They had it moved by the wall. You could see it over Jef’s shoulder while he was talking to Emily’s mom.


I realize you’re supposed to take pictures with the light behind you … but I really like these pillows!  Fan coral and star fish, perfect.  And that lamp … I’m in love!
bacheloretteAnd a succulent garden in a basket with an orchid, pine cone and sea urchin.  Way to go Susie, beautiful!!
bacheloretteAnd now … all of the other rooms you didn’t get to see on the show.  Beside the main living space is the master bedroom.
bacheloretteA sequined star fish pillow, yes please!!  And check out that bed!  Many of the awesome wood pieces are from Bali.
bacheloretteThe master bathroom.

Now, this next pic is not photography genius, I know.  But it gives much better insight into the true size of this space.  I am standing in one of the walk-in closets, with the door on the immediate right leading into the other walk-in closet and then the open vanity areas leading back to the master bedroom.

bacheloretteAnd they have these super cute lizard door stoppers all around … and the most magnificent antique wood armoires … and an enviable collection of Turkish rugs.
bacheloretteAnd your first peek at the water view out one of the master bedroom windows … looks to be about where Emily’s family sat with Jef.
bacheloretteAhhhhhh ….

Ok, back to the tour … even the guest bathrooms are gorg!  I couldn’t get enough of the tile throughout, concrete counter tops and beautiful baskets. With the ghost of Karah in the mirror reflection.  😉
bachelorettebacheloretteThis aqua tile in the hall bath is my fave! bachelorette

Here’s a close up of the artwork you can see in the two pictures above.
bachelorettebacheloretteThe guest bedrooms.

And the view back into the courtyard.  The doors and windows throughout are from Java.
bacheloretteAnd my favorite part … the outdoor space.  Starting with a shot of my tour guide … the lovely Norah.  :)
bachelorettebachelorettebachelorettebachelorettebacheloretteAnd the side yard / pool area … there were a couple of scenes shot under that pergola. :)
bachelorettebacheloretteAnd just because I couldn’t resist. Definitely not to show off my deteriorating polish and toe nail that finally came off.
bachelorettebacheloretteI even got lucky and somehow snagged an in-focus picture of a hummingbird in the garden.

And after a walk through an arched walkway you are back in the courtyard.  I am clearly enamored with this fountain.  :)
bacheloretteNot pictured here are the office with additional guest space and bathroom, an enormous laundry/storage area and the car port area.  But, this home is currently for sale so please visit the Santa Barbara Real Estate site for more information.

I cannot thank Norah, Susie and Jack enough for giving me this special access to their beautiful home.  Do you recognize parts of it from the Bachelorette?  Do you love all of the tile and decor as much as I do?

Now, if you were here looking for a DIY project you can head right over to from Gardners 2 Bergers to see Becca’s feature of the pallet bed we made on our roof.  AND, you can find out how to make a storage crate out of a pallet over at East Coast Creative where I am guest posting today.  Clearly I enjoy a good pallet project.  😉

And tomorrow we are going on a guided tour of the house that Emily and Ricki stayed in for the majority of their time on the island.  It’s where Jef met little Ricki and is another stunner, featuring traditional Curacao architecture and art.  Not to be missed, the post is live here. :)

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  1. Kristy Rohm says

    Although I don’t watch the Bachelorette it was fun to see the house through your eyes. You are always so excited about everything you do…so much passion!!! Thanks for passing that along…love to the furry babies!!

  2. says

    This home is so stunning! I love all the unique furniture and the tile is perfect.

    p.s. I’m so glad she picked Jeff, he seems like such a nice guy! I hope this one actually lasts…I’ve heard Emily wants to do some type of show featuring her planning the wedding, etc so hopefully she’s just not doing it for the fame. We’ll see! :)

  3. says

    Even the hummingbirds are prettier on the island (great pic by the way). Sigh, the house is gorgeous, I fell in love with the kitchen and the bathrooms, and the pool … you really should have jumped in and had the lovely Nora get a pic of you doing that! Fun tour :)

  4. says


    This was one of my favorite post in the history of EVER! I am so happy for the behind the scenes tour….and so sad that she picked Jef :(

    Have an awesome day in paradise!

  5. Lilian Ramos says

    Hi Karah, great pics of Susie’s house. We just got back from a cruise to cold and wet Alaska, and your pics and the show is making us long for the warm and sunny beaches in Curacao. Time to make plans to return for a vist, and to see old friends. Hugs to all!

  6. says

    I don’t watch the Bachelorette but oh how I long for the tropical paradise! That bed, that view, those baskets, that tile, that lizard door stop – I want it all! When can I rent – sip margaritas – and relax in paradise?

  7. Tim van der Putten says

    Curaçao is such a great island! Relaxing Caribean lifestyle, buzzin’ nightlive, great food, peacefull small beaches, historical architecture (Unesco Heritage List).. it offers all.. No wonder that the producers chose for dushi Korsou (sweet Curaçao). And if I love all that, just go and if you love staying in a comtemporary trendy European style villa (available from October).. just contact me 😉

  8. says

    What?..You can rent it???…I’m there!!…All along I thought, how wonderful it was to be able to live in a “resort” environment…….I would definitely feel at home as I have the same “Pineapple” light fixture in my foyer. Gorgeous, gorgeous home…I could sit out there on the patio all day!!…..and Karah, you looked pretty comfy and “settled in” there!…What a great post Karah…

  9. says

    LOVE this post! Thank you so much for all of the beautiful pictures. The house is amazing. I’m a huge fan of Emily’s season of The Bachelorette, so it was really cool to be able to see the house “in person.” 😉 Can’t wait for more!

  10. says

    Well I don’t watch the show- so this was the first I have seen of this house. It’s certainly stunning & I could settle in quite easily there.

  11. says

    WOW!!! How AWESOME is this!! Can’t believe you know the owners and that you got to visit it in person!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!


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