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Hey, hey!!  We’re continuing ‘this week {in curacao}‘ today.  If you’ve missed the amazing home tours shared so far just click here to see the home where Bachelorette Emily’s family met Jef and Arie and here to see the home where Emily and Ricki stayed here on the island.

Today we are taking a closer look at the tree house that was the fantasy suite for Bachelorette Emily and Jef.  It is seriously one of the coolest houses I’ve ever seen.  And, I totally want one.  #ournextDIYproject 😉

It is the perfect combination of Swiss Family Robinson and something I imagine Richard Branson would design … and fly down to on his private jet, of course.

The tree house is actually the private residence of the owner of the Kura Hulanda, where Bachelorette Emily was seen having dinner in the zen garden with Jef.

A great big Thank you! to Henk for showing me around.  Apparently when you call a guy you don’t know and ask if they’d like to forgo our up-until-now-anonymous lives and meet in the fantasy suite, they say yes!

Like Emily and Jef, Hank and I just talked … my parents do read this blog.  😉

All of the fabulous pieces of furniture and decor in the tree house were hand-picked and brought in from Africa by the owner.  Not that they would have the same meaning, I can totally see one of you talented people making a set of these!



bacheloretteI was completely enamored by all of the rustic, perfect-for-a-tree-house details.

bacheloretteThe two bedrooms of the house had a similar set up to each other with the most fantastic bamboo walls I have ever seen.  And open, European style bathrooms.
bachelorettebacheloretteSee those bamboo walls?  Up close you can tell they were round bamboo rods that have been cut lengthwise and flattened. Incredible!

I could seriously live in this open air living space.


Did you see Bachelorette Emily and Jef smooching in this wicked cool day bed thingy?




It really is a space that seems to be right out of a fantasy!  And I learned a few fun details about the construction of the roof from Ivo, the contractor!  Using log wood instead of straight cut timber; straight cut, un-split palm fronds and tight thatching make the roof entirely water tight … and down right gorgeous!  To see more of his amazing work you have to check out his website,

It’s probably worth noting here that I have not been compensated in any way for any of these posts about homes in Curacao that were featured on the Bachelorette.  I just think they’re awesome and thought you would, too.

I’ve had so much fun the last few days shining a little more of a spotlight on the beautiful island of Curacao that we call home.  Thank you all for indulging me.  Tomorrow we’ll be talking DIY Pool Party, Curacao Style (the post is live here) and then we’re finishing up the week with a few fun things you might like to do in Curacao when you get here.  You are coming to visit now, right?!?  :)

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    I don’t know that I could live full time in an open air tree house {I have a terrible fear of crawly things that I suspect share the tree house since they are native to trees} but man with a cocktail or two I *think* I could manage to relax enough to enjoy that open air living space and view for a while. How the heck do they get large heavy full size armoires into a tree house; I guess if you can build the tree house you have ways to do just about anything! Thanks for these fun behind-the-scene tours :)

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    Ah…. it reminds me of our honey moon cabin in Costa Rica, although the cabin wasn’t anywhere near as cool and wasn’t all open air like this is. Still, good memories!

    In Curacao you must not really get any wind driven rains that come down sideways? Just curious…


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