halloween crafts {coconut candy corn}

This is it.  My first ever, one and only, Halloween craft.
halloween crafts

I see Halloween crafts all over.  People are doing spooky mantels and spider webbed tablescapes.

And I’ve never even done a Halloween craft.  It’s really just not my thing.

Dumb question … is Halloween even a real holiday?  Where did it come from?  (Don’t answer that, I’ll google it if I really want to know.) Why can’t we just eat candy whenever we want to?

And do we really want to keep encouraging our kids to take candy from strangers?

Maybe that’s what the costumes are for?

I mean if you’re dressed like a zombie you’re invincible, right?!?!
halloween craftsMaybe I’m just misguided on the whole Halloween thing because I lived in the country growing up.

For Halloween we would get dressed up in our great homemade costumes, get in the car, and go to my aunts and uncles houses.

And my grandparents.

And a neighbor or two.

The highlight was always the neighbor we shared a driveway with.  Because my brother and I could walk up the hill to their house and they just left candy in plastic orange pumpkins on their porch steps.

One was full of Mounds and the other Almond Joy.

And they had a sign that said to please take just one.

And we would take 2!  Such rebels.
halloween craftsAnd I really had no intention of making any Halloween crafts this year.

But I was reading a post from my friend Cassie recently.  She updated this awesome coffee table.  ‘Cause that’s what she does, awesome furniture updates.  But all I could focus on was her jar of candy corn.

I don’t even really like candy corn.

But thennnnn, I was clearing off our patio.  (I’m beginning to sound like the Old Spice guy. “I’m on a horse.”)

And I found these.
halloween craftsThey’re dried up coconuts.

We drink coconut water down here … out of a coconut.

And because it’s what I do, I saved 3 coconuts awhile back.  Not really sure what I was hoping to make.  No real plan.  Tossed them on the patio for another time.

Nature to craft … I’m a fan.  :)

So I read a post with a pic of candy corn then I cleaned the patio off with dried up coconuts in the shape of candy corn.

A few stripes of paint later … and you have the story of how 3 coconuts became my very first ever Halloween craft.
halloween crafts

And since I had the paint on hand this little Halloween craft was free.

You all know that’s my favorite price!

And don’t they look cute on my floating shelf with the palm frond pumpkin?  And the rest of the usual accents.  I probably should mix it up a bit, get myself some new accessories for that shelf I now have so much fun playing around with.  I’m quite smitten with this green jug and think these sphere finials would be a fun addition.  Options … I like options.  :)

And if you’re a fan of nature to craft projects too you might want to check out a palm frond pumpkin and a leaf wreath.

And I found an awesome branch the other day … you’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of that.  :)

And, if you’ve found this here blog to be at all creative it would be super cool of you to hop over to Skinny Scoop and vote for us to make it in the Top 25 Creative Blogs.  We’re a long shot … but rooting for the underdog is fun, right!?  :)

And what about you.  Are you a Halloween crafter?  Nature to crafter? Different kind of crafter all together?

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  1. says

    I am in the only one in my family that likes candy corn. The candy jar is slowing getting lower and lower and I snatch handful after handful as I walk by.

    Do you give out coconut water to all those little ghosts and goblins (or leave a bowl that says just take one). As a kid, my rebel friends and I dumped the whole bowl in our pillow cases (hey, I’m not proud of it)!

    Off to vote for your creativity!

    • says

      We are the ones who shut our lights off and pretend we’re not home. But we don’t have to do that here, there’s only trick or treating on specific streets. Phew! Freedom for us all who just want to eat our own candy. :)

  2. says

    The perfect upcycle for dried up coconuts 😉 Really, those are quite cute and have a nice modern / graphic vibe … I can see they are candy corn’esque but I could also choose to ignore that and simply see them as modern fall color decor until the Christmas decor appears. I love the smell of candy corn but these days I don’t eat sugar at all and almost have forgotten what cc tastes like! My fav part of Halloween was trick or treating for Unicef … does anyone remember that? … I’d always talk the folks into doubling the money they put in my Unicef container if I didn’t take any candy!

  3. says

    Karah, these are so neat. I’ve never seen dried up coconuts shaped like that…Like you, I’ve never done any type of Halloween craft and I’m not sure if I ever will, maybe next year ;-). Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hahaha, I hear you … it’s my first … and most likely last Halloween craft … unless nature decides to shape itself like candy again. 😉


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