our front porch light and 10 other awesome options

You guys.  I can not find our front porch light online anywhere.  :(

beadboard on the ceiling

I bought it many years ago when I spotted it on a clearance table at Lowe’s in Maryland.  It was probably 2007 or 2008 and we were renovating a fixer upper to rent, I was basically snatching up anything I found on clearance with the mentality that even if we didn’t need it that day it would be used as part of an upgrade down the line.

That’s how I scored about 30 of these great handles for $.50 or less around that same time.

a quick installation tip for new cabinet hardware

That’s just one of the updates we made to the rental house, you can find everything we’ve done there here. Think super economical, low-budget upgrades like an inexpensive wood slat cabinet backing, newspaper as wallpaper and a DIY countertop transformation.

But, we never did get around to updating the front light so after hanging around in storage while we lived in Curacao she found her way to Key West and in a somewhat incognito move we updated the porch light without any fanfare shortly after we moved in.  Here she is back in the day … let’s take a moment of silence for the old windows, peach paint and that faux brick.

creating curb appeal

I did actually hold onto the box for a while after installation, you know “in case someone asked I’d have the answers” about the light.  And then it got a little crazy around here and it was right around when we could see the sky through our living room roof that the box found its way to the trash.


I’m sorry!  Because a bunch of you have asked about it and I can not find it anywhere.  :(  Here’s what I do remember, I think:

  • it is Portfolio brand
  • it has a funny finish name like “antique bronze” or something, it goes with the oil rubbed bronze hardware we just installed on the door enough, but not perfectly
  • it take 3 chandelier bulbs, and is so bright we call it “the beacon” and actually only keep one bulb in it, seriously, its bright  :)

Here’s a close-up to show the color compared to the ORB keyless entry and door knob.

front porch light

It looks dramatically different in this shot, but it’s not one of those things that sticks out in real life.  It might bother some people, but considering we didn’t even notice we have an outswinging door it’s safe to say this is the kind of thing that doesn’t matter to us at all. #possiblylaidbacktoafault

front door complete with new glass panels

So, I’m wicked sorry I don’t have any more specifics, but as a consolation, I’ve put together a list of lights I would totally buy today if we needed one.  Check ’em out and let me know what you think, there are some affiliate links included here.

Lite Source Lamppost Outdoor Wall Lamp

front porch light

Craftmade Hanging Lantern – If we needed an outdoor pendant I would totally buy this one.

front porch light

Livex Outdoor Lantern

front porch light

Sea Gull Lighting – This color seems very similar to ours, maybe ours is antique copper?

front porch light

Kenroy Home Hatteras – Clearly I like the “glass globe in a cage” look.

front porch light

Progress Lighting Lantern – I am in love with all things copper right now!

front porch light

Quoizel Carlton – This one is a little bit different, but I’m drawn to it for some reason.

front porch light

Cascadia Lighting Nautical Burnished Bronze Outdoor Wall Light

front porch light

Portfolio Caliburn Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light – I feel like we need this one somewhere.

front porch light

Hampton Bay Harbor Light

front porch light

Progress Lighting Beacon Collection – I wonder if it’s as bright as our beacon.

front porch light

Anyone in the market for a new outdoor light?  Or shopping for something else entirely?  I am spending a great deal of time looking for just the right bathroom features, who knew there were so many options for, like, everything?!?!


  1. txvoodoo says

    I think your light looks awesome. 😀

    “Portfolio Caliburn Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light – I feel like we need this one somewhere.”

    It’s so funny, because when I was looking at Lowes for outdoor lamps, that one drew me in. It feels so beach-appropriate! I sadly keep being drawn to beach-appropriate things, despite being exiled to a landlocked area.

  2. Larry Lewis says

    The house is coming along great! Next trip to Lowe’s/HD, check out Edison bulbs for a unique, older look for your fixture. Have you considered adding a dimmer for your porch light? That would allow you to dial down the brightness if you want to use the porch in the evening.

    • says

      I do love the look of the Edison bulbs, we may incorporate those somewhere. And love the idea of a dimmer on the porch light, we might need to do that!!

  3. says

    Great site! Can we please talk about your amazing front door? It’s gorgeous. I have an all wood, paneled front door and wanted to replace some of the wood panels with glass and I’ve just had one person after another telling me it’s not economical. Any tips?


    • says

      Hi Tracy! Thank you so much for the nice words! I’m so glad you love the door, it is a favorite of our finds in this old house. The glass panels we purchased are tempered glass and were about $30 a piece (we had to buy custom sizes to fit the door and bought from from a local window company). Definitely not cheap, about $180 for the whole door, but it has made a wonderful difference and I love that we salvaged the door.

Let me know what you think!