foto friday 20 {curacao north sea jazz festival}

Last weekend we had a last minute opportunity to go to the 3rd Annual Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival and Had. A. Blast!
northsea jazz

It was our first time going and I was so pleasantly surprised at just how creative the event set up was.

Previous year’s headliners include Sting, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder.  This year the headliners for Friday night were Marc Anthony, Santana and an all-star salsa band that I actually watched rehearse a few days before the show. That was cool.

We went to the event on Saturday night and were greeted by this great, lively little band from New Orleans.  I didn’t get their name.  :(
northsea jazznorthsea jazz This W made of corks was the perfect touch for the wine vendors.  I love the back lighting.
northsea jazz And lookie here at what I found.
northsea jazzI do heart a driftwood anything … and this guy made me chuckle.  More to come on this blog in regards to driftwood fish … that is for sure.  :)

And this sign reminds me of a recent tray I made.  They actually served mojitos in those little shaker glasses.
northsea jazz

I thought these spray painted, plastic instruments hanging from a tree were really whimsical.  Would be a fun addition to a music themed garden party.  I’m not sure why I took such a close up picture, they filled the whole tree.
northsea jazz

We meandered around a bit taking it all in before the performances started.
northsea jazz

It was a beautiful island night to be out with friends.
northsea jazzAnd when darkness struck this little seating area came to life with light.
northsea jazznorthsea jazzThe lamps and plastic seating changed color every few seconds … it was a really neat effect.

Then it was time for some music.
northsea jazz

northsea jazznorthsea jazz

And we capped it all off with a fireworks show over the sea.
northsea jazz As for this weekend, we don’t have anything nearly as fun going on.  What about you?


  1. Nancy Carr says

    Karah, When I saw the Music Fest on our Caribbean news I thought of you and wondered if you would be there. What fun and great music. Keep up the great posting. Nancy Carr, Vieques, Puerto Rico

  2. Kristy Rohm says

    So jealous…looks like you and hubby had an awesome time and the weather looks perfect! I hope to see more of the driftwood fish 😉 !!

  3. says

    What a great event!!…just love the lanterns in the seating area…looks like you had a great time…and Alicia Keys? How great is that!…I am sure you took away lots of inspiration from those really cute craft items…love the wine cork letter!! Have a great weekend…Ours is busy with two dinner parties…luckily we are guests at both of them..:) oh, and a class at pray for me that I do not make the instructor tear his hair out!

  4. says

    Looks like a fun time! And such an awesome setting…wow. The Jazz Fest in our town is this coming weekend, they close downtown off to traffic and have stages & events up & down the streets. It is a great time, but no where near as exciting or beautiful as yours looks!
    Debbie :)

  5. says

    This looks like it was such a fun day, Karah–I love the evening tables and lanterns in particular, and that driftwood fish is too cool! We got asked to fill in at the last minute at the Vancouver, WA Peace and Justice Fair (we do a cabaret act), and we ended up with basically 1 day to prepare! We got it done, and it was a fun gig (not anywhere close to as big an event as your jazz festival, though :) My sweet hubby is a music composer, and the next day he was a guest panelist at Rose City ComiCon in Portland, OR, because he wrote the score for a trailer for a (hopefully) soon to be made independent film called Dex Dixon, which has to do with vampires and werewolves and has comic book potential, so that was something different but fun. They invited the director, writer, some of the actors, etc. to participate, and the audience could ask them questions. (Little did I know starting out the week that I was going to be that busy by the end of it! Put me a little behind on blogging stuff, but what’s new.) Hope your blog issues get fixed easily and rapidly for you–I always feel so frustrated when I have blog tech problems because I’m not great at that stuff, but I’m learning.


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