foto friday 18 {curacao beaches}

HAPPY FRIDAY, Y’ALL!  Said in an exuberant tone with a sigh of relief .  :)

If you’ve been reading along you know we’ve had a stressful week in real life.  And, because I am a moron crazy, I have also decided to tackle a living room overhaul throughout the next 8 weeks.  I am definitely still looking for you to share your living room inspiration here if you have any.  Please!

Soooo, I thought it only fitting that we relax at the virtual beach this foto friday.  These are all pictures from our 2 1/2 years here, as I have not seen a beach up close and in person, other than the dog beach, in quite awhile.  But, I’ve got my umbrella drink ready and we’re settling into the beach chair now.  :)

I went back to the very beginning to find this one.  We got married shortly before we moved here and I had bought these flip flops from The Nest that said JUST MARRIED on the bottom when I walked in the sand.  Awwww.  😉
Ok, now we’re settled in.


I never realized I liked taking pictures of my feet at the beach.  :)

And, how about a picture of the beach from a boat?

Ahhhh, now I’m relaxed.  You?

See you next week!!  :)


  1. says

    You just like to make everyone jealous of your super fabulous life don’t you? “I’m gonna post more pictures of the beautiful beaches today to remind everyone that I live in Curacao and they dont”

    OK so I dont actually think you’re doing that, but it still has that effect. I’m definitely jealous.

  2. says

    Cute toes Karah….you live in beach paradise…the colors of the water are phenomenal…Love the flip flop pic…Do you have those pics on canvas…they would be so wonderful on your walls…Have a great weekend….and hope your precious one is recuperating well….

  3. says

    Wonderful! Love the flip flops. I’m going to steal your driftwood love picture – is that ok? (not for sale or anything) this looks like a “Hot fun in the summertime” post if you ask me…

  4. Lilpeach says

    I’m right in there with all the others who now have a bad case of Curacao Envy. So beautiful. And if my toenails were as cute as yours, I’b be taking pics of them, too!

    Hope you beloved baby is doing better now. I’ve been there with aging, ill four-legged pals before and it is never, ever easy. Wish all three of you well.

  5. says

    The water is so gorgeous. I just did all my reading up on Curacao. What a gorgeous place to live. I could get used to spending my Fridays at a place like this too! Good luck on that living room, I am sure it is looking fabulous, or will soon!

  6. Kristy Rohm says

    Just what I needed on this earlier….gonna be busy..Sunday!!! Still sending good vibes and lots lof love for Mico!!!

  7. andrea says

    ah…feeling very tranquil and didn’t even have to break a sweat : ) why does the beach and sand look better while in airconditioning : ) LOL!!! how is the little patient doing??? hugs…

  8. says

    Love the water and the beaches but find it awesome that you can say “exuberant tone with a sigh of relief” … hoping that means very good things.


  9. says

    Oh man! I’m adding those beaches to my vacation wish list!

    On a super embarrassing note last week on the Bachelorette they announced that the next episodes were filmed in Curacao and I started pointing at the tv yelling “Karah lives there!” My husband just kind of stared at me… haha!

  10. says

    Those LOVE stones cool and those flip flops are a fantastic idea. Never saw anything like them. Looks like you visited Director’s Bay. That place is such a nice hidden beach. Used to feel private, but its becoming very popular lately.

    • says

      We lived very close to Director’s Bay, it was one of our favorites … and we saw it gain in popularity while we were there, which was a bummer for us. :)


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