foto friday 17 {haven 2012}

Happy Friday, y’all!

Being away for 4 days last week and coming home to workers painting the exterior of our house this week … and trying to snuggle as often as possible with a sick 10-year-old puppy …
 … oh, and trying to tackle some of the items on my 67 item long to-do list, has made for me not getting out of the house much this week.

So, for those of you who haven’t quite had enough of Haven overload this week.  Here are basically ALL of the pictures I took. Don’t worry, I hardly took any.

Unfortunately, there was a tragically sad start to the trip for me.  Tuesday night my brother had to put his beloved dog to sleep.  I showed you a magical picture of Cap here with a sheep.  But I found it very profound to see this during my first-thing-in-the-morning flight on Wednesday.  R.I.P Capadoo!
Ack … I’ve had more than my share of doggie deaths lately.  It sucks!  :(

Ok, shifting gears, here is what I managed to capture on film at Haven.  Everyone’s name is a link to their blog (if they have one), you’re sure to find enough inspiration to keep you busy until your work day is over.  😉

Daneen, Traci, Jessica, Brittany and Sabrina.

Skye, Kelly, Cat (another island blogger!!)Kirby and I.

A DIY pic of Mr. Goodwill Hunting and I because I am a dork.

Lisa, Kathleen, Cassie, Anna and Jessica.

AngeAnnaJessica, LisaMarianAndreaKathleen, and Cassie.

Chris, Kate (hiding behind Chris), Sarah, Rhoda, Kristi, Marian, Beth and Traci

One of the slides from the YHL keynote speech.

There were painted bottle centerpieces all around, different colors and heights.  Great idea!

Cassie, Carrie and I after dinner under the lit tree … so romantic.  😉

Debbie, Laura, Heidi and Kirby.

Great thrifting advice from Mr. Goodwill Hunting.

Just one of the many informative slides in the Photography and Photo Styling session by Kevin, Josh and Layla.

And, I have to admit, at the end of any trip it’s always fun to head home … and it’s particularly fun to be able to check-in at this counter.

I almost feel like I’m heading for a Caribbean vacation.  😉

So, if you were at Haven, what was your favorite photo-op?  And, if you weren’t, be honest, are you ready for all of these posts to Just. Go. Away?

Until next week …


  1. says

    So glad you were able to make it to the conference too. I love all your pics. I put the same one on my blog today. :) It was also nice to read about the other sessions that I didn’t get to go to!

  2. says

    I just found your site this second, and that pic of you and the puppy looking up at you is sooooo sweet!

    I haven’t been to Haven, but enjoyed all the posts. It would be awesome to go someday!

  3. says

    Sorry that your dog is Ill and about the passing of your brother’s dog. The rainbow shot is pretty cool though! You’ve made me start thinking that perhaps I’d like to attend a blogging conference some day. It may be a few years though what with ankle-biter considerations and all. I can start dreaming now though, right?

  4. says

    when i look back on haven, i remember sitting under the lights romantically with you and carrie, and i get so teary eyed….. it’s just so hard for me…. miss you. 😉
    LOVE the pic of you with your pup, too- oh the adoration in his eyes! i know how he feels.

  5. says

    Most importantly, hope the medicinal puppy snuggling works its special recovery magic, and quickly. XO from Beaver puppy to yours.


  6. says

    I just realized we never got a picture! Haven seems like such a blur…..there were so many people and so little time! It was wonderful to meet you and I hope your sweet canine friend is doing better.

    :) karianne

  7. says

    Looks like a good (and productive) time was had by all.

    Sorry to hear about your dog and your brother’s. They really are our like family.

    Oh, and thanks for figuring out the blog thing. DUH!

  8. says

    It was nice to briefly meet you at Haven. Next time, we need more time!!! 😉

    I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s dog. I hope he is chasing sheep in heaven with our Australian Shepherd.

    Have a great week and I hope to see you next year.

  9. andrea cammarata says

    hi there my friend — i finally got on here after using a third browser — man is my “everything” messed up! my heart breaks for your brother and his little winged Cap. i am going to light a candle this evening in his memory. there is nothing sadder than to loose your furbaby but i totally believe that we will all meet again and people like us that love our pups so much will take care of all those other furbabies that didn’t have it as good as ours! i sure hope your little pup is feeling better and that it is not too serious — my heart breaks for all of them! please give your two a big hug from all of us here! sending hugs to all and i am sure there are some very unhappy sheep angels…oh so tired from being chased : ) hugs…

  10. says

    First of all, so sorry to hear about your brother’s dog…We recently lost our “grand dog”…he was such an important part of our life and we still get very emotional when thinking about that wonderful dog…So love the rainbow..I am sure it made you smile.

    Great pics of Haven…and you are not a dork!…I so loved meeting everyone! So glad you came!


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