foto friday 16 {home}

Today it’s Friday, and I’m at Haven.  Having what I’m sure is a fantastically good time meeting fellow bloggers and talking about our blogs and learning all kinds of inspiring things.  And I’m hopefully not saying too many stupid things or making embarrassing hand gestures while talking too loudly or laughing at inappropriate times.  But I probably am.  Sigh.

But, I know for sure I am missing this gal.
And this view, er, girl.
And seeing these characters do this every night.
And this cracked me up so I had to take a picture of it.  Right before I left for this little trip I did some grocery shopping to stock Joel up on some necessities (read: ice cream, supplies for homemade garlic cheesy bread and frozen chicken pot pies) in my absence.  And when I came out of the store the guy beside me had done quite a parking job.  hahaha

Now that I look at the pics I did a mighty fine job myself.  Clearly the parking space lines and asphalt are mere suggestions. 😉

Hope you’ve had an awesome week.  I’m stoked to get home and make this blog better than ever … or at least continue on the course.  :)  I do thank you all for sharing in the fun … I would have no need to be at a blogging conference right now if it wasn’t for my desire to create a blog that keeps you wanting to come back for more.  So, Thank you!  Now go enjoy the weekend.  :)


  1. andrea cammarata says

    it’s so funny — i was thinking just that…bet she is having a blast but what about her babies and just as i thought of it — i tuned in and there they were! bet all three will be thrilled to see you! i am so excited that i was finally able to get on here again : ) sending hugs and hope you are all having tons of fun

  2. Kristy Rohm says

    Can’t wait to see what happens when you get back. Personally I think your blog is great (for what I know about blogs…I don’t have one). All I know is I think yours rocks…especially Foto Friday!!!

  3. says

    that last picture is hilarious!!! i think he had too many coronas!
    it was SO awesome meeting you- i hope to do it again…. in curacao! 😉

  4. says

    I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you this past week at Haven. What a sweet and kind spirit you have!
    It was an awesome event wasn’t it? The sessions, in my opinion, were just a bonus. The best part was meeting and making new Bloggy friends. I look forward to hopefully meeting you there again next year! xxoo, Barb


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