foto friday 10 {sunsets}

I don’t know about you, but me and sunrise don’t really get along.  We’ve just never quite seen eye to eye.  Like ever.  Never ever.  Well, maybe, just that once.  Yep, OK, I’ll give her one time.

But mostly she just finds me a little grumpy, irritated and in need of more sleep coffee.  And I find her a little smug, pushy and in my face.  In a “here I come, ready or not” sorta way.

But, me and sunset … we are BFFs.  With a capital B. F. F.

Is there really anything better than a lazy summer night with a sunset in the distance?  No, I say, there isn’t.  And in honor of my relationship with sunset, here is a collection I have had the opportunity to enjoy over the years.

some beach, some where

it’s not my fault if you don’t think this is a good sunset picture ;)

sunset over a place very special to my family, Chesuncook Lake, Maine

while technically dusk, this is a soon to be sunset over River Marsh golf course in Cambridge, Maryland

just south of Barcelona, Spain

behind a local neighborhood here in Curacao

just last Friday night during dinner with friends

a few weeks ago at a new beach front restaurant

and the view from my favorite sunset dining patio

More views around that patio can be found here.  And previous foto fridays can be found here, here and here.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy a sunset or two this weekend.  I’ll see you next week with what I’m hoping is a Great Outdoors project.  Only problem being I don’t have any idea what that project might be yet. #postplannerIamnot

the space between


  1. says

    These are beautiful sunsets Karah! We used to go up to Southampton, Ontario to our trailer and the sunsets there are rated as one of the top ten in Canada…gorgeous with the Chantry Island Lighthouse on an island as a backdrop. I have a deep appreciation for sunsets! Yours are lovely… xo wendy

  2. says

    WOW! Fabulous shots, I love them all!! Who’s this Chad that keeps popping up??? You are an amazing photographer. Thanks for sharing these (Barcelona is my fave with the last photo shown a close 2nd).


  3. says

    beautiful pictures! I’m guessing you use an awesome DSLR of some sort. I’m sure to never be able to capture that kind of pic on our awful point and shoot….

  4. says

    Oh Karah….*sigh* these are absolutely beautiful :) And I am much, much, much better friends with sunset too.

    Actually sunrise and I aren’t even on speaking terms :)


  5. Kristy Rohm says

    Pictures of MY FAV thing in the whole world!!!! Thank you…still living vicariusly through your blog. Do tell, are you a Blake Shelton fan? Some Beach ..some where led me to that question!

  6. andrea says

    oh…this is just so gorgeous …so peaceful and beautiful…enjoy every moment of every day…sending you tons of hugs and Happy Mother’s Day…I bet your two little 4 legged girls are thankful for their Mommy EVERYDAY!!!!


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