Day #6 – my favorite and most used organization trick

My road trip ends today and I am taking a red eye back to the east coast.

I’d like to think I’ll be able to sleep through it.

But I am so amped up on this whole experience I’m not sure my brain will let my body rest.

You know those times and places in your life that have stuck so close to your heart for one reason or another?  No matter how much time passes.

Our time in Carmel has always been one of those places for me.

It’s actually the place we lived the shortest amount of time.  Joel was there for two years and I was there a few months less than that.

But it’s where Joel and I really got to know each other.

Looking back we were so young.  And did so many fun things.  And met amazing friends who I am so fortunate for.

This little trip down memory lane has been so awesome I don’t yet know how to express it.

And when I tried to think of the right thing that you need to know today I just kept thinking about one thing.

31 things you need to know

My favorite and most used organization trick – pick one day of the week to not schedule yourself for anything.  I don’t mean the non-negotiable life obligations.  I mean the honey-do lists and to-do lists and the “man I should get that stuff done” tasks.

Having that one day can reduce the stress level immensely.  Especially when you’re juggling a bajillion things every other day of the week.  And who isn’t?!?!

Honestly, I end up just as productive, if not more so, on that day than any other.  And I think it’s because I end up doing what inspires me.  Be it a project or a long walk with the dogs or a trip to the thrift store with the freedom of time to sift through all the things I normally skim over.  Or all three of those things.

favorite and most used organization trick

And I believe the reason that I think I’m equally productive is because I am accomplishing exactly what it is I want to be doing.

And what is more rewarding than that?

time management

You can read the full run down of how I organize my time here.  And start at the beginning of this series here.

Oh, and that day that I try not to schedule myself for anything extra … Sunday.


  1. Karen says

    Such great advice. This is always my Sunday. I love that I have a day set aside to relax, renew and reflect on my values, beliefs, and some self examination. I agree I am far more productive the rest if the week.

    • says

      Hmmmmm, good question. I think if you’re filling it with exactly what you want to be doing that fulfills the intent. Sometimes it is hard not to plan, but a plan of pure enjoyment and not necessity is fun. :)

    • says

      I really hope it works for you Kayla! It has changed how I schedule my time and in turn totally changed my attitude. :) I just feel so much better when I feel like I’ve accomplished what I need to and still have some time for me.


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