do it yourself coasters

do it yourself coasters

You’d think I’m gearing up to host a dinner party around here.

I’m coming up with 5 inexpensive ideas to keep in mind when tablescaping.

And reminding you of the name card holders I made last year.

And even making new ones for this year.

And now, I’m making do it yourself coasters.

do it yourself coasters

But I’m not. Β Gearing up to host a dinner party, that is.

I actually thought to make sisal chargers when I was putting together the tablescape. Β You know I love a simple, rustic element.

But let’s get real here. Β I don’t need no stinkin’ chargers!

But we definitely enjoy a drink or two, so sisal coasters equals brilliant idea for us!!

All you need: sisal, hot glue and scissors

How to: put a dab of hot glue on the end of the sisal and start rolling, hot glue every so often and keep rolling.

I’m not sure exactly what this next picture illustrates, but I took it so it’s only fair that you have to see it. Β πŸ˜‰

do it yourself coasters

Cut the end off at an angle and then trim the sisal stringy thingys.

do it yourself coasters

And if you’re me, you will burn your fingers. Β Especially at that beginning step where you’re getting your coaster started around that first dab of hot glue. Β Ouch!

But, I did end up using a unsharpened pencil to scrape off any glue that squeezed its way up to the top (or bottom) of the coaster. Β I didn’t figure this out until I’d burned my fingertip trying to scrape off the hot glue with my fingernail about 56 times, though.

Please learn from my tendency toward idiocy.

I need hot glue finger tip protectors … and leg protectors … and feet protectors. Β I just might have dropped the hot glue gun on my foot twice once. πŸ˜‰

do it yourself coasters

The whole roll of sisal was about $5 and I used about half to make 4 coasters.

Wrapped in a beautiful ribbon these would make a great, inexpensive gift. Β Maybe for a neighbor, or a housewarming gift with a bottle of wine, or for a co-worker.
do it yourself coasters

What do you think? Β Are you a homemade gift giver? Β Coaster user? Β Sisal lover?

117 thoughts on “do it yourself coasters”

    1. They are really so easy, and we love them. It’s just that beginning part that gets kind of dicey as you’re trying to get the roll started before the sisal unravels and not burn off your fingertips at the same time. πŸ™‚

  1. What do you think? Are you a homemade gift giver? Coaster user? Sisal lover?

    1. Love ‘me! 2. Sometimes if it doesn’t look too homemade. 3. Yes! 4. Really LOVE sisal!

  2. I love to give homemade gifts. Maybe too much. Only use stone coasters because any others I have tried just hold water on them and then drip off the glass when I pick it up to drink from it. I tried making some from wine corks like I had seen on a few blogs. Project FAIL. I love sisal but have never bought any for a project. Might be addicting… I’ve got scars on my legs from making projects with glue guns while sitting at my coffee table.

  3. I like your sisal coasters! And I looove the way the red wine looks sitting on them! πŸ˜‰ Take care of your poor little pinkies and toes. Yikes, that hot glue burns! Oh, you already knew that, right? πŸ™‚

  4. We always make Christmas presents for each other every year! This is such a fun idea! I love anything made from rope! I am thinking about making a wreath from rope πŸ™‚


  5. Hey Karah, Do you remember my crocheted coasters? I like your sisal ones, too, maybe better than my really cheap (as in discontinued yarn cheap). But the glue gun doesn’t travel well, just can’t see me doing that in a waiting room, ya know?

    1. I’m going to be taking crochet classes in January … I have to add coasters to my project list. I wonder if you could stitch the sisal together every few inches???

  6. Oh my mercy, are you participating in the 31 Days series at The Nester’s site??? Your blog is beeeeeeeautiful. You should be, if you’re not already!!

  7. Great idea Karah!…I would just like to suggest to readers that you add a circle of felt on the bottom because your recipient may have a table that scratches like mine!

    1. Oooooh, the idea of felt could be a fun addition. I’m happy to say we’ve been using the coasters on 3 different wooden surfaces for over a month now … not a scratch in sight. But we’ve got to protect those scratch prone surfaces. πŸ™‚

  8. What a cool idea, Karah–you can never have too many coasters, and these would make a fantastic gift! Hope all is going well with you–the rains have returned to the Pacific Northwest, so I am getting busy with indoor projects and letting the garden do its own thing.

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  10. This would be such a great hostess gift! A bottle of vino and a set of these coasters! Great if you are lucky to be invited to Thanksgiving Dinner next month!

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  12. Karah, Thank you for joining Homa Style’s Simple Holiday Gift Idea Link Party. It’s hard to come up with new ideas for gifts and you helped with your simple coasters. Thanks! Mark you calendar for the No Red Holiday Decor Link Party on Nov. 28. Plus the 12 Days of Christmas link party December 1st ~ 12th.

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    1. It is available at Home Depot and Lowe’s I know, I just saw some in our local K-mart, too. Would be a fun teacher’s gift, just watch those fingers on the hot glue. πŸ™‚

  16. Just a hint, but I always lick (or have some water in a cup ) so my finger is wet. Then your finger doesn’t burn when you press the glue πŸ™‚

    1. Such a great tip, nanci. I’m totally going to do that next time. And glad you’re going to make them, ours get daily use and still look great!

      1. Absolutely!! I’m going to add a piece of felt on bottom also! I’m just so glad you posted this!! I already have the large roll of sisal *happy dance*. and most coasters are not “absorbant”. I feel these will not only fit perfect with the “decor” but also be more useful than other coasters!!! so excited!!

  17. Love these! I’ve been looking for a good idea for coasters…all the ones at Bed Bath and Beyond seem so lame and uncustomized. That’s what I get for surfing Pinterest everyday.

    p.s I’m new to your blog but love it! I was hooked at the mention of Key West. πŸ™‚

    1. Yay! So happy to have you Brittany. In between all of the DIY we do our fair share of enjoying the local culture, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi Karah: I made your coasters and I love them. But I have added one little thing. I cut a shelf liner, that you use for travel trailers and put them on the back of the coaster. Now they don’t slide across the end tables. Thank you for your idea.

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