the great outdoors {diy door trough}

Do you ever have those ideas that just spring you into action?

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I was trying to organize my week. My eyes landed on my little spring wreath and I thought “I need to update the door decor”. Then I thought “I need a great outdoors idea”.  And it just came to me.

I thought it was going to be so easy I took a photo of my watch so I could track the time.
A quick, easy, free project.  Go!

I headed out to my scrap wood pile and with my wonder bar and hammer (and Mico supervising) removed one lone slat from a pallet.

I cut two pieces 12 inches long (for the front and back) and two pieces 3 inches long (for each end), then put them together like this to mark where to cut the piece for the bottom.

Then I moved into my favorite construction spot, the coffee table, because it is stinkin’ hot outside at 2 in the afternoon, and just hammered in enough nails to keep it all together.

Then I headed back outside to sand.  One thing worse than sanding in the sun is definitely unnecessary cleaning.  Am I right ladies?!? 😉

Then I wrapped some jute around both ends of the trough leaving enough of a length to hang it from the screw in our door. And Stop!

Umm, yeah.  I didn’t even think until just this second I could have actually used the stop watch function on said stop watch. Smarty.

This little project took all of 40 minutes and now I have a totally free (LOVE it!) and very versatile little rustic trough for our front door.

I am already imagining the possibilities.  But I immediately knew I wanted to start with these beautiful yellow flowers that are now in bloom here.

What?!?  Those flowers aren’t yellow?!?  Well, ummm, yeah.  It couldn’t all be just totally easy, right.  :)

I grabbed a canvas shopping bag and some clippers and hopped on our scooter – yep, still waiting on jeep parts!  And headed out to snip some of these overwhelmingly gorgeous yellow blossoms I oogled at all weekend.

And. Couldn’t. Find. Any!  Well, that’s not totally true.  I climbed into the woods on the side of the road only to find that the tree was much larger up close than it appeared from the street.  Darn it!

Low and behold, those suckers only bloom for a couple of days, and I didn’t even snap one pic. Ack!  But my much-more-efficient-than-I-fellow-Curacao-blogger posted some awesome pics of the beautiful Kibrahacha blossoms here.  I highly recommend you check them out.

So, I’m stuck with the always-in-bloom-everywhere-you-look-on-this-island-and-attract-iguanas-like-crazy bougainvillea.

But, I’m so happy with my new little free trough I’m quick to get over the fleeting yellow buds.

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And this little project has definitely gotten me in The Great Outdoors mood.  Are you planning to link up to the party?  May 29th, 7am eastern time.  The Last Tuesday in May, the one after the long Memorial Day weekend.  Link up here and you’re linked up to 5 fab blogs.

the space between

So, now that you’re in The Great Outdoors mood too, other than flowers, what would you put in my trough?

Aaaaand now, back to organizing my week.  We have a very fun, last-minute visitor coming to town.  He is actually coming for work but I’m planning to monopolize as much friend time as possible.  When you only invite 8 people to your wedding and you get to catch up with one of them after 2 years, work can wait, right!?!? Just don’t tell work that.  :)

I am sharing at TDC.

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  1. says

    The red flowers against the red door look awesome. Why don’t I have any pallets with wood that close together??? Mine all have big spaces in between… Love your project, so cute!!! Love that door colour, too.

    Have a great day!

  2. andrea cammarata says

    HOW FABULOUS IS THIS!!!! You are surely taking it OUTDOORS and with total and utter FLAIR!!!! You rock my island friend!!!! hugs to all and especially the girls!!!! : )

  3. says

    40 minutes – in the sweltering sun! It was worth it (as I sit back in the air conditioning and admire your hard work)!

    Love the trough – love the iguana attracting bougainvillea (who knew)!

    What else should you put in there? Iguanas?

  4. says

    i love bougainvillaea! I first saw it when I was staying in L.A. on extended business. There they were a hot fuchsia.

    Heck that flowering plant / weed grows all over EVERYWHERE! Fences, garbage cans, slow moving red radio flyers puled by 3 year olds!

    Very cute rustic addition to your home :)

  5. Kristy Rohm says

    Just gotta say my Caribbean Friend…you rock…loving to bougainvillaea…wish it loved me that much. I can’t get it to grow :(

  6. says

    And I thought those flowers were fake! Once again the pluses of island living. So sorry you could capture the yellow blooms though. And look! You found a fellow island blogger! You’ll have to get together …

    And did you cut the wood just with a saw? No power tools needed?

  7. says


    I love this idea! What a fun pallet project. I’m with Linda….I thought those flowers were fake :) Thanks for the incredible glimpse of the Caribbean!


  8. Rachel says

    Very cute, I love pallet ideas and happen to have some bits of one lying around to try this!! I have to pin.


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