diy leaf wreath

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  It’s that Monday again … the one where we share those super simple, easy peasy, ‘it’s a cinch’ type projects.

You’ve seen my leaf wreath in a couple of vignettes recently on the blog.

First we did our fall mantel, because we like to be way ahead of the curve. :)
fall mantel

And then we spiced it up a bit with a little green metallic spray paint.

Just to be sure you all realize you can totally make one of these beauties for yourself, here is the step-by-step of how to make a leaf wreath.  :)

Total time, about 15 minutes!  Seriously, this was one of those projects that I was looking forward to an afternoon of a Project Runway marathon (in my dreams I am a fabulous seamstress) and a little crafting.  And, 10 minutes later, when I was almost done I was a little bummed, I have to admit. #NeedAnotherExcuseToNotDoTheDishes


Step #1 – Pick your wreath form – mine was an after Christmas decoration I bought on sale for about $1.  I had used it in another wreath attempt … hence the polka dot fabric.

Step #2 – Collect your leaves – We have them in abundance and the idea for this wreath came to me on a walk around the hood with the girls … in, like, March.  I feel like I deserve an Olympic medal for waiting until July to make the fall wreath. 😉 NOTE:  I only used about one-fiftieth of the amount of leaves I collected.  It had me thinking I could totally pull a ‘Hildi straw wall’ and cover one of our wall in leaves!  Ummmm, no.

Step #3 – Hot glue your leaves to your wreath form – I didn’t worry about front or back of the leaf.  I just used full leaves and went to town, making sure to overlap enough so the wreath form wasn’t visible anywhere.

TIP!!! Keep a trash can near by to toss the damaged leaves and those you don’t want to use to get them out of your way.

And that’s it! Easy peasy, right!?!?  And so versatile with the spray paint … one red, one white and one blue for Labor Day maybe? Or spray painted gold or silver for the holidays? What would you do with your leaf wreath?
fall mantel

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  1. says

    I’d wear that leaf wreath around my head so I could be the female Julius Ceasar and would rock that thing like nobody’s business. Of course, I’d probably spray paint it hot pink, or maybe metallic gold!

    Can’t wait for fall so I can scour the yard for leaves so I can make my very own fabulous wreath leaf!


  2. andrea cammarata says

    Oh my island girl — how fabulous and back to nature is this project! I LOVE IT!!!! Actually it is really genius!!! Thanks for sharing your creative passions with us all!!! Always great to be celebrating It’s a Cinch with you! Sending tons of hugs to all especially the furry M&M team!!!

  3. says

    I didn’t realize you made the wreath, too! I just thought you spray painted it. It looks great and easy enough. Now just need to find me some leaves!!!! They’ll be falling soon enough here in the mountains so I’ll grab some them! Thanks for sharing. The possibilities are endless!!!

  4. says

    Love the wreath brown, love the wreath green…now this may be one of the few projects you have presented that I can actually do…no power tools required..!!…Beautiful Karah! Now is that Mico looking and smiling at it with such approval?

  5. says

    My first thought was to keep the leaves in their natural leaf colour, spray them with a quick clear coat, and then a light dusting of snow spray for the holidays. I think that’s what I would do, but then I like the idea of giving them a weathered gray coat instead. In the end, not sure, but I’d like to give this project a try! So glad you shared the DIY steps – thank you :-)

  6. emily says

    your wreath is amazing! I would love one of these for fall! hard to even think that fall is coming so quick! What lovely inspiration! Just wanted to invite you to join my Tasteful Tuesday Party. I have been hosting a recipe party (pretty successfully!!!) for over a year now, and this week we are opening up for crafts, DIY and home decor. Hope you can come by and check it out!

  7. Kristy Rohm says

    Loving the wreath instructs…my kind of project …easy peasy!!! I have a nature preserve in behind my property so leaves are easy to come by. I think I may try it with oak leaves too!

    Love to the babies!

  8. Kristy Rohm says

    Loving the wreath instructions…my kind of project …easy peasy!!! I have a nature preserve in behind my property so leaves are easy to come by. I think I may try it with oak leaves too!

    Love to the babies!

  9. says

    LOVE this idea!!! Looks so pretty.But I am not ready for fall LOL! I h ate the heat.But I am still enjoying the colors of summer.This will be a fun project to try.This could stay up until Thanksgiving too!

  10. says

    I love it!! I have to wait a while for leaves to be falling around here, unless you count the kind that are brown and dried up from extreme heat and no rain……

  11. says

    I love this. I have leaves just like from a tree in my front yard! This is on my list for fall! Thanks! I am visiting form Not Just a Housewife’s Show Me what Ya got party!

  12. says

    so i’m really behind on my commenting if you couldn’t tell. i love this wreath. both ways. you should make a new one for fall. of just make a new one and ship it to me. you have my address. i’m shipping your headboard tomorrow….

  13. says

    What a fun fall display. The wreath is great too. Wonderful project!

    Thanks for sharing on Show & Tell at SNAP! I enjoy seeing your links every week.

    xoxo, Tauni

    • says

      I’m so glad you like it, Emily! I actually used a flat, round Christmas decoration I got last year on sale after the holidays. It is about 12 inches in diameter, with about 2 inches of surface area all of the way around. I hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask any other questions. I’m sure a round form would also work, it would just require more leaves. :) I’d love to see it if you make one.

  14. Jean Marshall says

    good morning, I live in FL and have leaves all year long dur to our big oak on our front lawn. how ever I will wait till fall arrives so I can get nice fresh ones. Love this wreath, I hope to make my form from cardboard, double back it attach to hanger between the two pieces and paint a brown to match the leaves. No chance of any gaps showing.Thanks for a great inspiration…….jeanne

  15. says

    I love it! When I first saw the thumbnail photo over at “Domestically Speaking” Fall blog party I thought “oh no…that’s a lot of leaves to press in a book and wait and wait and wait”…but NO…you have a much easier way. This really does look easy…thanks for sharing the “how to”s with us.

  16. says

    LOVE it! Featuring this one too, Karah…I’m doing a ‘natural’ fall decor round up and you’re the star with so many great projects! Thanks for linking – I love the reminder to get over here to see what you’ve been up to! :)

    • says

      Trading Spaces is one of my favorite shows of all time!! So glad you like the wreath. :) I’d love to see a pic if you make one of your own.


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