DIY bottle craft {chandelier}

You first saw this guy nestled on our pallet bed I made for our roof.
bottle craftsI had visions of this guy hanging over our pallet bed, glistening in the evening, all romantic like.  But we discussed here why that didn’t work.

So I took way too many pictures of it laying in bed because I am a dork instead.

But, trust me, even without the lighting we have been enjoying this breezy new pallet bed.
pallet bedBut, once logistics dictated that my fun new bottle chandelier wasn’t going to be swaying in the breeze above our bed, she needed a new home.

And, because apparently you can take the girl out of redneck country but you can’t take the redneck out of the girl … her she is!

I was in need of some additional lighting by our stove and this little bottle craft fit the bill.

Now, I don’t have any in process pics of making this guy.  Holding 7 bottles together while trying to tie them to each other with jute twine keeps your hands full.  :)

My tips are:
1. Tie one bottle to one other bottle, then add one more at a time until you have them all together.
2. About 6 or 7 lights from your Christmas tree light string fit well into each bottle.
3. Figure out how many lights you have to figure out how many bottles you will need.
4.  When stuffing your lights into the bottle start in the middle.  So, if you’re going to stuff 7 lights into one bottle, find the middle light of those 7 lights (the 4th one for all of the non-math wizards out there) and start stuffing with that one.  MUCH easier, trust me!

And, yes, there is a cord, and if I was a super crafter I’d probably create some kind of cute cord cover.  But since I’m a lazy crafter, I just choose to not let it bug me. :)
I just screwed a small hook I had in my stash into the bottom of my driftwood shelf and called it a day.  This bottle craft only took about 20 minutes to make and was free to me since the bottles came from the recycling bin and I had the jute twine and string of Christmas tree lights on hand. Score!!

And yes, I am really cooking something there, the gas isn’t just on for looks.  😉

And, if you haven’t yet seen the details of our pallet bed on our roof please click here.

And, to see our driftwood shelves styled all nice and pretty please click here and here.

And, tell me, do you have any unique lighting sources in your home that you’ve made?


  1. says

    I’m drunk with excitement (or maybe it’s too many Chills)!

    Let’s see, if you drink 14 beers per day (probably more than doable for you!!), you can make 56 bottle lights per month. These babies will soon be in every house, villa, hut, shanty and tent in Curacao!

  2. says

    So what does “Chill” taste like? Your “bottle chandy” is really cute and such a clever idea & (based on your instructions) a simple project … of course, being an octopus – as in 3 or 4 hands, may be helpful! I can imagine multiples of your size chandy massed together to create a very large grande scale fixture … that could be really great for an outdoor wedding / party / other. I’ve never created from scratch like you but I did hack my ceiling fan in into a “chandy fan” :)


  3. Kristy Rohm says

    Love , love , love it….want to make a couple to hang in my pergola!!! Problem is I don’t drink beer…can I do it with small liquor bottles???????????

  4. says

    Karah…what an awesome idea!!…You just gave me a great idea for a Christmas project…I think I could tackle this project…as no power tools are required!!…You are the best!!!

    Now, you ask about a lighting project…well, this challenged DIY’er just supervises the electrician on what height to hang the chandeliers!…Does that count?…Have a great one…thinking of you on that gorgeous island with the fabulous breezes as I am sweltering in the 103 degree Carolina heat wave!…

    • says

      Hahaha, our kitchen light figure actually went out and it’s a special bulb I didn’t have a back up for .. thank goodness for the beer bottles over the stove!


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