Day #9 – the ove glove

You’ve seen it on TV.

You’ve considered buying it.

But didn’t want to be bamboozled by another bad TV product.

I’m here today to tell you to buy it.

That’s really all there is to it.

Actually, buy two.

One for each hand.

the ove glove

We bought the ove glove a number of years ago, loved it so much we bought one for each hand and then one for each member of our family.  And they all went out and bought one for their other hand.  We all love it.

And I’m usually all about a cheaper, generic option.  But, trying to be thrifty when I needed to replace one after a little fire incident (hey, the kitchen is not always my friend) we made the generic mistake and I definitely recommend you splurge the whole $8.57 to buy the real thing.

Here’s an affiliate link if you want to check it out.  Click here.

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PS.  This is not a sponsored post, we just really love our ove glove.  :)



  1. Carla Pennington says

    Hey, what’s a little fire incident..among friends. Or husbands. And dogs. Or friendly husbands and dogs?

    Appreciate the user review. If it is Karah approved, I figure it must be okay. I haven’t tried this little cutie, but I saw it shortly before your post arrived. I’m going to order it, and thought I’d share. No, I do not work for, don’t have any family members who work for, don’t own stock in, am not the owner of….this! Hope the link works:

  2. Leticia Tomás says

    Karah, you are right… wonderful gloves!!
    I bought two, years ago, in Portland, OR.
    I even washed them and I still use them.
    An excellent product!!!
    Leticia (from Buenos Aires)

  3. says

    We always wondering the same thing, cheesy? Gimmicky? But we recently took a chance and, like you, ordered 2, and we LOVE them! Best. Idea. Ever. Which reminds me, I haven’t posted about that on my blog yet. Something to put in my bag of drafts for the future. Thx!


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