Location, location, location!

Isn’t that what they always say is important, especially in real estate.  Well, we didn’t purchase any real estate of our own on the little island of Curacao, but boy did we have a fabulous location. Since Curaçao is still relatively unknown in the great ole’ US of A I thought I would try to acquaint you.

You can see the inside scoop on where we lived while we were on the island here.

While we were there I chronicled a little bit of island life in a series called “foto friday”. You can follow that series (which also includes a lot of vacation photos from trips we took to places like Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Argentina while were living down there) here.

In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite pics we captured while we were living there. Enjoy!

Playa Kenepe Grandi

at the Seaquarium Dolphin Experience

camping with the girls :)

one of my favorite walking spots

we see a lot of these; this one happened to be at our house…

golfing at the Old Quarry course

should I stop or should I go now?

storm approaching the 2nd tee at Old Quarry

fun find in the woods on a random walk with a friend

view atop Mt. Cristoffel; nice hike, beautiful views


28 Responses to Curacao

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  7. maria says:

    beautiful. simply beautiful. from a fellow Islander

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  11. Wow, you live in a beautiful part of the world! It must feel like you are on holiday everyday!!

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  17. Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D says:

    The dogs look so happy.
    Beautiful island you have there.

  18. Carol Maxfield says:

    Great photos – I stumbled across that bridge whilst walking just the other day.

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  22. moospiggy says:

    HelLo, Curaçao!!! It is a paridise unfoud to most! The experiences my family had there were just over the top! The people, the land, the roofing of the rich and the poor! It is a must go place for all! Cindy

  23. brandi says:

    How wonderfuf to have been able to call this home. Your pictures are amazing!

  24. annie! says:

    You’re a brave one. I live in Barranquilla, Colombia and the word here is that Curacao is…well beautiful…but not nice. My friends think I’m crazy for living here…but this grandma has to be close to the babies.

    • Karah says:

      That is so funny … we’d think you’re the brave one living in Colombia. But, we actually visited and LOVED every part of it, lovely scenery and lovely people! If you ever head to Curacao, give me a shout!! :)

  25. Stunning! I could definitely wake up to that every day!

  26. Katie says:

    We will be spending a day in Curacao in 2 weeks while on our Caribbean cruise. I would love to hear recommendations on what to do. We would like to dive and then explore the city.

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